10 Best Anime to Watch After Finishing Dragon Ball Z

So you’ve finally emerged from the action-packed universe of Dragon Ball Z, huh? Your next dilemma: What should you watch now? Fear not, Saiyan warriors and cosmic defenders! If you’re looking for anime that’ll give you those familiar DBZ vibes or maybe offer you a new kind of adventure, you’ve come to the right place.

Finding Your Next Anime Obsession

The anime world is teeming with endless genres and styles, making it a grand buffet of animated awesomeness. But hey, you’re picky. You want something that’ll hit the right spot just like Dragon Ball Z did. We’ve got you covered.

Dragon Ball Z

10 Anime Series That’ll Fire Up Your Saiyan Soul

1. Dragon Ball GT / Dragon Ball Super

It’s like meeting old friends at a high school reunion but in other dimensions! Whether it’s the somewhat controversial Dragon Ball GT or the critically acclaimed Dragon Ball Super, your thirst for more Saiyan action will be quenched. Two sequels, one love – the Dragon Ball universe.

2. Yū Yū Hakusho

If you think spirit guns and astral worlds are cool, then get ready for a retro trip with Yū Yū Hakusho. This ’90s gem shares more than a few similarities with DBZ, from martial arts throwdowns to a modern setting sprinkled with supernatural thrills.

Yū Yū Hakusho

3. One-Punch Man

The antithesis and the spiritual successor to Dragon Ball Z, One-Punch Man is a roller coaster of emotional boredom and super-powered beatdowns. Imagine being so strong that you don’t have a worthy opponent. Yeah, it’s like that.

4. One Piece

Sure, One Piece might be about pirates and not martial artists, but it packs enough action, humor, and world-building to make any DBZ fan yell “I’m gonna be King of the Pirates!” at least once.

5. Bleach

Ghostly samurais and epic battles? Bleach offers a different yet familiar vibe for any Dragon Ball Z fans looking for their next anime fix.

6. Naruto / Naruto: Shippuden / Boruto

From aspiring ninjas to legendary shinobi, the Naruto universe is a colossal playground of adventure and combat that’ll remind you why you fell in love with anime in the first place.

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— Matheus Neri (@Matheus176268) September 5, 2023

7. InuYasha

Take a time-traveling leap to a mystical past with InuYasha. While it’s darker and more romantic than DBZ, the martial arts and superhuman elements make it a compelling watch.

8. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter x Hunter doesn’t just share the martial arts and adventure genres with DBZ, even the hair inspiration comes from the Saiyans! If you’re into character development and unique power systems, this is a must-watch.

9. Sword Art Online

A bit of a wild card here but trust us—Sword Art Online will captivate you with its unique premise of humans trapped in a VR game world. The fighting sequences are nothing short of phenomenal.

Sword Art Online

10. My Hero Academia

What’s cooking in the anime world now, you ask? My Hero Academia is what’s hot! If DBZ was the martial arts icon of its time, MHA is surely its modern-day successor.

Conclusion: Your Next Anime Adventure Awaits!

There you have it—ten epic anime series to dive into after Dragon Ball Z. Whether you’re a die-hard DBZ fan or a curious newcomer, this list promises a world of action, adventure, and mind-blowing battles. May your next anime adventure be as thrilling as a Super Saiyan showdown!