10 Events Fans Are Eager to See in ‘Rick and Morty’ Season 7

The Unraveling Saga of Rick and Morty

The cultural phenomenon “Rick and Morty” is setting up to launch its seventh season, and with it comes a whirlwind of speculation, hope, and excitement among its ardent followers. This especially holds true since Justin Roiland, the original showrunner, faced legal complications and inevitably stepped away from his voicing roles, leaving fans wondering about the direction of the beloved characters and their stories.

What’s On The Horizon?

1. Jerry’s Employment Dilemma

One of the long-standing jokes of the series has been the unemployment status of Jerry, Morty’s well-meaning but oft-misguided dad. His sporadic brushes with work success, whether it’s at the Galactic Federation or as an ad-man with the now-iconic “Hungry For Apples?”, have always ended in comedic tragedy. With Jerry’s increasing assertiveness, particularly towards Rick, it’s high time he finds stable employment and possibly some self-worth.

The Unraveling Saga of Rick and Morty

2. Jessica’s Transformation into a Time God

The high school sweetheart who previously seemed aloof and distant underwent a radical change after a tryst with a different dimension. A once superficial teenager, Jessica’s character arc could take a pivotal turn as she comes to terms with her newfound powers and how they shape her world. Whether she becomes a savior or a threat remains to be seen.

3. The Video Game Fragment of Morty

The enthralling “Roy” game left a fragment of Morty’s consciousness trapped inside, evolving independently with its unique backstory. A reunion between Rick, Morty, and this fragment, Marta, could spark a range of emotions, especially given the intricate bond between Marta and Rick.

4. The Mystery of Birdperson & Tammy’s Offspring

Birdperson and Tammy’s tumultuous relationship has had its share of ups and downs. But the revelation of a potential child between them can add a new dimension to their narrative, giving Birdperson a personal mission and possibly integrating a new character into the series.

5. The Affair of the Two Beths

As if one Beth wasn’t complicated enough, the presence of her clone, Space Beth, has led to some, well, intimate complications. Their dynamic can redefine relationships and bring out the complexities in their interactions with Jerry and the rest of the family.

6. The Quest for the Szechuan Sauce

Rick’s eccentric obsession with McDonald’s promotional Szechuan Sauce, from a bygone era, is ripe for resolution. Given Rick’s near-infinite capabilities, securing a packet (or a universe that still serves it) seems a possible and humorous venture.

7. Mr. Poopybutthole’s Journey

From a falsely assumed parasite to a tragic figure, Mr. Poopybutthole’s narrative deserves more screen time. Whether he spirals further into despair or finds redemption remains a plot fans eagerly anticipate.

8. The Hunt for Rick Prime

The underlining vendetta against Rick Prime, responsible for the death of C137 Rick’s wife, can provide both closure and an intense showdown. This arc has potential implications for the broader storyline.

9. An Interdimensional Cable Part 3

The zany, off-the-wall humor found in interdimensional cable episodes is a fan-favorite. A third installment, especially post Roiland’s exit, offers potential for more bizarre and hilarious segments.

10. A Budding Bond between Rick and Jerry?

The uneasy truce between Rick and Jerry has evolved over the series, with hints of mutual respect. Exploring this dynamic could offer both comedic and touching moments, enriching their individual relationships with other family members.

Concluding Thoughts

As we gear up for Season 7, one thing is clear: “Rick and Morty” continues to captivate, surprise, and engage its audience. The mix of humor, deep philosophical questions, and intricate storylines ensures its spot in the pantheon of modern-day animated greats. The departure of Roiland might have created uncertainty, but the promise of continued evolution and story development keeps fans hooked. The universe(s) of Rick and Morty still have many tales left to tell.