10 TV Shows Like ‘That 70s Show’ You Should Definitely Watch

There’s no doubt that That 70s Show is a classic sitcom loved by many. Despite the discontent of some viewers with regard to the later seasons of the show, the consensus is that the initial three seasons provide a jam-packed, entertaining, and joyful ride. And if you’re looking for some show recommendations with a similar vibe, we’ve got you covered.

10 Must-Watch Shows Like ‘That 70s Show’

10. Freaks And Geeks

Freaks And Geeks follows a young girl’s journey as she attempts to discover her identity and find her place in the world. Despite being constantly reminded of her ‘good girl’ status, she yearns for something more and ends up associating with the ‘bad kids’ at school, coming to the realization that there is more to them than what appears on the surface.

This show is more serious and unafraid to tackle deeper topics, while That 70s Show would only occasionally dip into those issues, that too in a lighthearted and humorous manner.

9. New Girl

This show follows a young woman who finds out her boyfriend has been unfaithful and she moves in with some guys she found on Craigslist while she attempts to rebuild her life. If the reason you enjoyed That 70s Show was the entertaining group dynamics, then you may want to check out New Girl.

8. Scrubs

If you enjoyed the funny moments, narrated segments, and unique visuals in That 70s Show, then Scrubs is surely for you! It is famed for its amusing cutaways which are used to show what the main character is thinking as he goes about his everyday activities. Viewers of both shows may find solace in the fact that they are not the only ones who are unsatisfied with the last season of the shows.

7. Popular

This series follows two teenage girls, who are the heads of different cliques in their high school, as they find themselves living together when their parents fall for each other on an unexpected cruise. Those who took delight in the snarky, deadpan, and quip-filled wit of That 70s Show could find that the classic teen-drama-spoof Popular may be their new favorite show.

6. Seinfeld

That 70s Show was a hit with viewers because it featured a set of friends dealing with everyday issues in a manner that was easy to relate to. People were able to recognize similar friendships in their own lives and were captivated by the show’s uncomplicated plotlines. And Seinfeld is well-known for being about nothing in particular. It portrays the everyday lives of a few individuals and often brings up topics that many of us can relate to.

5. Happy Days

Although Happy Days and That 70s Show are vastly different in terms of content, they both offer an authentic and lighthearted look back at a past era. They both bring to light the positive aspects of the past, while also examining the imperfections that your parents, who lived through that time, may have neglected to mention.

4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S

If you appreciate the humor of That 70’s Show, then you need to check out the most popular and beloved sitcom of our time, FRIENDS. Despite their contrasting personalities, the small group of friends manage to get along with each other. Although they come from different backgrounds, they have found a sense of unity in their shared past and the experiences they have had together.

It is reassuring to witness the mutual encouragement and respect that comes with having such strong friendships. Embracing the differences between each other is the most rewarding part of having a close group of friends while growing up.

3. 3rd Rock From The Sun

This show follows a group of aliens who have come to Earth to observe and gain insight into the human culture while on their visit. What was once seen as a novel and quirky method of storytelling during the show’s initial airing, the use of camera-focused interactions, cutaways, and creative skits are what give That 70’s Show its charm. 3rd Rock From The Sun is sure to entertain viewers who have a taste for something offbeat and whimsical.

2. Community

Community is an ideal television show for those who want something out of the ordinary. Its cult-like status has given it a large following of devotees who appreciate its offbeat narrative and unusual characters.

One of the main reasons That 70’s Show is so popular is because it takes the stereotypes and cliches associated with its characters and completely flips them on their head. Fans loved the fact that the show was able to show that characters were more than the roles they were placed in and Community continues to do this by demonstrating that these characters are far more complicated than what meets the eye.

1. Malcolm In The Middle

That 70s Show really touched a chord with viewers by presenting a relatable portrayal of a typical American family, flaws and all. Malcolm In The Middle was highly celebrated due to its realistic portrayal of a typical family.

Viewers found solace in seeing a family that experienced the same struggles as their own, such as disagreements, financial issues, and the occasional overreaction. This show was a much-needed breath of fresh air compared to the unrealistic, idealistic families often featured in sitcoms.