5 Classic GTA Vice City Features Fans Want in GTA 6

Embracing Vice City’s Legacy in GTA 6

The Grand Theft Auto series, a hallmark of Rockstar Games, is preparing to make another monumental leap with its much-anticipated installment, GTA 6. Rumors are swirling that this new chapter could return to the iconic Vice City, Rockstar’s vibrant reimagining of Miami. This setting, which was the backdrop for 2002’s Grand Theft Auto Vice City and 2006’s Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories, remains one of the most beloved locations in the series’ history. Bringing back elements from Vice City could not only enhance GTA 6 but also serve as a homage to this fan-favorite title.

Five Vice City Features to Rekindle in GTA 6

1. Easter Eggs: A Nod to the Classics

Grand Theft Auto Vice City is renowned for its cleverly hidden Easter Eggs. These range from movie references to hidden rooms and quirky nods to cultural icons. Such discoveries add depth and enjoyment to the exploration of the game’s map. It’s proposed that GTA 6 should continue this tradition, especially if it revisits Vice City. Easter Eggs that allude to the city’s past iterations could create a rich, interconnected gaming experience.


2. Engaging Side Missions: Beyond the Main Story

Unlike GTA 5, Vice City lacked an online mode, relying heavily on side missions to keep players engaged. Missions such as Paramedic, Vigilante, Firefighter, and Pizza Boy offered hours of additional gameplay. The absence of such missions in GTA 5 was a disappointment for many. Thus, GTA 6 could benefit from incorporating a variety of enjoyable side missions to complement its likely online mode.

3. Soundtrack: A Musical Time Capsule

The soundtrack of GTA Vice City, set in the late 1980s, is often hailed as the best across all Grand Theft Auto titles. With GTA 6 expected to be set in modern times, there’s an opportunity to feature a mix of classic hits and contemporary tracks. Rockstar Games’ substantial budget for GTA 6 could allow for an expansive, curated soundtrack that enhances the gaming experience.

4. Business Ventures: A Dynamic Economic System

In GTA Vice City, players could purchase businesses, each offering unique missions and acting as passive income sources. With GTA Online already featuring a variety of businesses, GTA 6 has the potential to expand and refine this concept, offering players an immersive entrepreneurial experience within the game world.

5. Good Citizen Bonus: Rewarding Virtue

GTA Vice City had a unique feature where players could earn a Good Citizen Bonus for aiding police officers. This small yet impactful mechanic encouraged players to engage with the game world in a novel way. Reviving this feature in GTA 6, especially with the expected realistic behavior of police, could add an interesting dynamic to the game.

Final Reflections

As Grand Theft Auto 6 approaches, integrating these beloved features from Vice City could significantly enhance the game’s appeal. Each element, from Easter Eggs to soundtracks and side missions, contributes to a rich, immersive gaming experience. By paying tribute to its roots, GTA 6 has the potential to not only captivate long-time fans but also to draw in a new generation of gamers eager to explore the vibrant world of Vice City.

5 Classic GTA Vice City Features Fans Want in GTA 6