8 TV Shows Similar to Ballers

When we talk about shows about sports, ‘Ballers‘ is a really popular one. It’s like we get a special seat to watch all the exciting stuff in professional sports. The show mixes sports, funny things, and serious things. It’s great if you want to know about athletes and how they live when they’re not playing.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson helped make the show, and Stephen Levinson is the director.

The show happens in Miami. Baller’s is about a guy named Spencer Strasmore who used to play in the NFL (that’s American football), played by Dwayne Johnson.

If you like ‘Ballers’, you might also like these 8 other shows. You can find most of them on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

8 Shows similar to Ballers

8. Survivor’s Remorse (2014-2017)

‘Survivor’s Remorse’ is about a young basketball player named Cam Calloway. He loves basketball and becomes an NBA player, which is his dream. But being famous brings some problems for him and his family that he didn’t expect. The show tells us how athletes’ lives are not only about playing sports. It’s like another show called ‘Ballers’ that shows the lives of athletes too. We learn that fame can change athletes’ personal lives, and the show follows Cam’s life to show us this.

7. The League (2009-2015)

This funny TV show is about a bunch of really good friends who love playing fantasy football together. The main actors are Mark Duplass, Paul Scheer, Katie Aselton, and Nick Kroll. The show is all about how these friends get along and really want to win their fantasy football games. It’s like a team of friends. The show ‘The League’ is a lot like ‘Ballers’ because both shows talk about sports and how they make people become really close friends.

6. Playmakers (2003)

‘Playmakers’ started the trend for today’s sports TV shows. It’s about a made-up football team, the Cougars. The show looks at real problems players, coaches, and staff in American football deal with, both at work and in their lives. Even though it only had 11 episodes, it changed how these types of shows are made. It also prepared the way for shows like ‘Ballers’. That’s why it’s an important part of this kind of show’s history.

5. Eastbound & Down (2009-2013)

‘Eastbound & Down’ is about Kenny Powers. He was a famous baseball player but not anymore. He goes back to his hometown to become famous again. Kenny is played by Daniel McBride, and he’s an interesting character. He has problems and acts in a big way, which makes you like him. His story is like the one in ‘Ballers,’ where characters deal with pride and making up for mistakes. Both shows mix serious stories with funny parts.

4. Friday Night Lights (2006-2011)

Unlike some other shows, ‘Friday Night Lights’ happens in a small Texas town called Dillon. There, high school football isn’t only a game – it’s a big part of life. The story is about the local team, the Dillon Panthers, and how their challenges and successes affect the whole town. It’s about dreams, wants, and the hard times that come with them. Both ‘Friday Night Lights’ and ‘Ballers’ talk a lot about how being famous is tough, but the difference is that the first show is in a small town. These shows show that sports are more than just two teams playing a game.

3. Cobra Kai (2018-2023)

‘The Karate Kid’ is an old and popular movie that people have liked for a long time. If you still want to know more about Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence, you can watch ‘Cobra Kai’. This show tells what happens to them after the 1984 movie. They still don’t get along and have big problems. This show blurs the line between good guys and bad guys in a smart way. It’s like another show called ‘Ballers’. This show is also about competition and how things from the past can change how you act today. Both shows are set in a world where people don’t like each other, and they show how the characters have a hard time.

2. Brockmire (2017-2020)

“Brockmire” is a TV show about baseball. A man named Jim Brockmire used to talk about baseball on TV, but he had a big problem on the air and lost his job. He was really sad and his baseball announcing career got really bad. But now, he has a chance to make things better. He can talk about baseball again, but this time for a smaller team. The show is about happy and sad moments in sports, kind of like “Ballers.” It’s funny and teaches us about how sports works.

1. Ted Lasso (2020-2023)

“Ted Lasso” is a really great and funny TV show that makes your heart feel warm. It’s about a man named Ted who is from America and knows a lot about football. But he becomes the coach of a soccer team in England, even though he doesn’t know much about soccer. What’s special about Ted is that he’s always happy and he cares a lot about his players. The show is like “Ballers” because it shows us what athletes’ lives are like when they’re not playing.