A Look Inside Enrica Cenzatti’s Life: Andrea Bocelli’s Ex-Wife’s Career, Net Worth & Other Details

Enrica Cenzatti is the ex-wife of Andrea Bocelli, who is a renowned singer-songwriter, record producer, musician, and operatic tenor.

Famed Italian singer, songwriter, producer, and musician Andrea Bocelli has put out more than 16 studio albums since the start of his career and is the first Italian to land a song on the Billboard Top 100.

Enrica Cenzatti Profile Summary

Full names: Enrica Cenzatti

Year of birth: 1969

Place of birth: Pisa, Italy

Age: 54 years old as of 2023

Gender: Female

Nationality: Italian

Marital status: Divorced

Famous as: Andrea Bocelli’s first wife

Children: Matteo Bocelli and Amos Bocelli

Height in feet: 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm)

Weight in kgs: 55 kgs (121 lbs)

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Dark brown

Very little is known about her family background, childhood, and education except for the fact that she was born in Italy. During her teenage years, she lived and studied in Pisa, which is in Tuscany.

Enrica Cenzatti, born in 1969, is 54 years old as of 2023. She was born in Pisa, Italy, and is of Italian nationality. She is a Christian and belongs to the white Caucasian ethnicity.

How did Enrica Cenzatti & Andrea Bocelli meet?

Andrea and Enrica first met when he was in law school and making money playing the piano in local bars. Enrica, a high schooler at the time, stumbled upon one of these establishments.

At the very instant, Andrea saw him, she was head over heels in love. Even though she was visually impaired, she still had a feeling he was the right one. They started dating shortly after and in 1992 they celebrated their union in a wedding ceremony.

In February 1995, they happily welcomed their first child, a little boy called Amos. In October 1997, their second son, Matteo, arrived and has recently begun his musical journey.

Unfortunately, the couple’s relationship began to decline, which resulted in their divorce in 2002. The precise reason for their split was never made public, but they have managed to remain on good terms.

Enrica and the boys lived in Forte dei Marmi, Tuscany, Italy. Though Enrica stayed with them, the boys would often go to their father’s villa. The boys have now become adults, with Matteo having taken after his father and becoming a musician.

After the break-up, Bocelli started seeing Veronica Berti, who is now his supervisor. On March 21, 2014, the two of them tied the knot. From their partnership, Bocelli and Berti have a daughter named Virginia, born on March 21, 2012.

Who is Andrea Bocelli, Enrica’s ex-husband?

Born on the 22nd of September in 1958 in Lajatico, Tuscany, Italy, Andrea Bocelli‘s life began with his parents, Alessandro and Edi Bocelli. During the pregnancy, medical professionals recommended that Andrea’s mother terminate the pregnancy due to his disability.

At the time of Andrea’s birth, it was discovered that he had congenital glaucoma, which had an effect on his sight. While growing up on the farm with his younger brother Alberto, Andrea became passionate about music from an early age.

Classical music brought him a great deal of comfort as he battled the difficulties that glaucoma presented. At the early age of six, he started piano lessons, and a year later he was already singing in a tenor range.

Enrica Cenzatti’s Net Worth

Enrica Cenzatti, wife of one of the most successful Italian musical artists, has become a topic of conversation among those curious to know how much money she has acquired. Unfortunately, Enrica has not revealed any information regarding her income and net worth.

However, her ex-husband Andrea Bocelli, has amassed a fortune estimated to be above $100 million, having sold in excess of 90 million records due to his flourishing music career.

A Look Inside Enrica Cenzatti’s Life: Andrea Bocelli’s Ex-Wife’s Career, Net Worth & Other Details