A New Attack on Titan Project Announcement on October 4?

A new Attack on Titan project is one of the many speculations about the mysterious upcoming announcement about AoT. Here’s all we can tell you!

Shintaro Kawakubo’s Tweet

On September 8, 2023, Shintaro Kawakubo, the editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Magazine, took to Twitter to mark a milestone – the 14th anniversary of Hajime Isayama’s iconic manga, Attack on Titan. But he did not just leave it at that; in his tweet, he hinted at a long-awaited promise to the dedicated fanbase, whose revelation would be on October 4, 2023.

The translation of the tweet is as follows: “Today is September 9, 2023. 14 years have passed since the serialization of “Attack on Titan” began. It looks like I’ll finally be able to fulfil the promise I often talked about with everyone during the series! We are planning to release information from October 4th, so we would appreciate it if you could follow @shingeki_FLY.”

Twitter Account @shingeki_FLY

The new official Twitter account, @shingeki_FLY, has a cryptic bio “10.4 START.” This has sparked speculations and anticipation among the fanbase of Attack on Titan.

A new Attack on Titan project? Speculations Fly

While various speculations have surfaced regarding the nature of this announcement, the involvement of the manga magazine’s editor-in-chief strongly suggests that it may be manga-related. Theories range from the possibility of a one-shot to a potential live-action project.

Eren’s Voice Actor Also Shares the Anticipation

Even Yuki Kaji, the voice actor for Eren Yeager in the anime adaptation, expressed his excitement about the

An announcement regarding Attack on Titan is to bring new information.

forthcoming announcement. Despite being directly involved with the franchise, Kaji seemed to have kept the dark regarding the nature of this new project as well which means the project can be manga-related related than anime-related.

進撃の巨人 FLY…???

ドキドキする…#shingeki@shingeki_FLY https://t.co/pnTACuyvcI

— 梶裕貴 Yuki Kaji (@KAJI__OFFICIAL) September 8, 2023

The Final Season “THE FINAL CHAPTERS Special 1” premiered in Japan earlier in the year. The fifth and final season of Attack on Titan is also on the verge as we move towards the next year. Amongst the countless possibilities, there is surely a promise of a new Attack on Titan project from the chief editor himself, be it big or small.