ABC Pulls the Plug On ‘Home Economics Season 4’: Why Fans Won’t See More of Topher Grace in ‘Home Economics’

“Home Economics,” a show known for its unique blend of humor and poignant real-world drama, navigated the often tumultuous waters of familial and economic disparities. Through its gripping narrative and compelling characters, it offered a slice-of-life view into the economic struggles and familial bonds of three siblings, featuring the character Tom, portrayed by Topher Grace. While the show masterfully melded real-world elements with riveting storylines, it will not be returning for a fourth season, leaving a void in the hearts of its audience.

A Concept Rife with Relatability and Raw Emotion

Created by Michael Colton and John Aboud, “Home Economics” was inspired by Colton’s family life, portraying familial challenges and internal dynamics in a way that was at times awkward but deeply relatable. The show skilfully wove narratives around economic disparities among siblings, balancing its rich humor with explorations of real-world struggles and familial bonds, striking a chord with many viewers.

An Unfortunate Farewell Amidst Industry Turmoil

Despite the gripping narratives and the relatable themes, “Home Economics” will not see the light of day post its third season. The 2023 WGA strike severely impacted the entertainment industry, playing a likely role in the untimely conclusion of the show. ABC, taking stock of the changing landscape and viewership metrics, decided not to renew it for another season, attributing to the inability of the show to garner enough traction and prove its mettle for a Season 4. The ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike only added to the challenges, making it seemingly impossible to film a new season in the foreseeable future.

ABC’s Decision: Balancing Viewership and Potential

The show’s fate was sealed amidst speculation and hope for a fourth season. TheWrap confirmed ABC’s official decision to cancel “Home Economics,” a decision reflecting the meticulous allocation of resources and evaluation of the potential of shows in the aftermath of the WGA strike. Unfortunately, despite the creators’ high hopes and the potential for a deep dive into more intricate familial dynamics and economic struggles, “Home Economics” was unable to consolidate a strong enough viewership to justify its continuation.

The Struggle Against the Odds and Competition

The absence of accolades and the inability to secure awards rendered “Home Economics” vulnerable against the backdrop of ABC’s other successful comedies like “The Conners” and “Abbott Elementary.” With these shows being runaway successes and capturing the audience’s imagination, the network prioritized them, leaving lesser-viewed shows like “Home Economics” battling for survival.

A Lost Opportunity for Exploration and Connectivity

While “Home Economics” may not have been a colossal success in terms of viewership or critical acclaim, it symbolized a unique blend of humor and reality, highlighting economic disparities and the intricacies of familial bonds. The cancellation of its fourth season is not just the end of a show but signifies the loss of a narrative that had the potential to explore deeper societal and familial themes and connect on a more human level with its audience. The non-renewal of “Home Economics” hints at the missed opportunity to delve deeper into the worlds of its characters and the societal issues it represented.


“Home Economics” remains a testament to the potential of television to not only entertain but also to elucidate real-world struggles and familial bonds. The show, though short-lived, contributed a nuanced narrative to the television landscape. Its cancellation leaves unanswered questions and unexplored territories in the exploration of familial relationships and economic disparities. The journey of Tom and his siblings might have concluded on the screen, but the themes and questions raised by “Home Economics” linger on, prompting reflections on family, relationships, and the economic divides that shape them.

ABC Pulls the Plug On ‘Home Economics Season 4’: Why Fans Won’t See More of Topher Grace in ‘Home Economics’