After One Piece’s Success, Will Netflix release a Naruto Live Action Too?

Before being on the market, One Piece Live Action underwent several trials by the fans. Fans could not trust Netflix’s execution of Live Action adaptions due to its terrible reputation in this field. After One Piece, is Netflix planning for a Naruto Live Action? Here is what we know up to now!

NarutoLive Action Cast of Naruto Stage Play

Naruto Live Action: Another Live Action By Netflix On Its Way?

The latest rumor didn’t just appear on social media one day at random. It might even surprise the fans that plans for Naruto Live Action have been in place since Lionsgate acquired the series’ rights in 2015 with the director Michael Gracey.

Naruto Live Action Stage Play

The production company unveiled reports about the developments of the Live Action Series of Naruto in 2020. The Covid-19 epidemic, however, abruptly put a halt to the project. After the latest release of One Piece Live Action on Netflix, the news of Naruto Live Action has resurfaced on the internet.


– A new Naruto live action is in the works!#naruto #onepiece #onepiece1091 #NarutoShippuden

— Kousaji (@Kouusaji) August 29, 2023

According to rumors, the Live Action Series’ first draft of the Witcher screenplay was submitted by Tasha Huo. Michael Grace mentioned that he would love to get Kishimoto on board to ensure the series has a smooth journey in a 2018 interview with Collider. After all, who would know the concept better than the creator himself? However, there are still no updates on Masashi Kishimoto joining the live project of the Naruto Series.

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Final Thoughts:

There is still a way to go for Naruto Live Action. As fans are aware, there were many facets to the Naruto series, with each character having their own personality and a unique backstory. Bringing them all together in live action could prove to be a challenging task. However, it would interesting to see how all those jutsus, the fighting sequences, and the emotional aspects that Naruto fans have seen growing up take their shape to live on screen.