Ahsoka’s Latest Twist: Is Baylan After Time’s Secrets, Not Thrawn?

For avid Star Wars aficionados, the name “Baylan” sends shivers down the spine. Portrayed by the late, great Ray Stevenson, this cunning antagonist from “Ahsoka” has taken the Star Wars universe by storm, especially after his electrifying face-off with Ahsoka Tano. But is the chilling possibility that Baylan’s motive extends far beyond Grand Admiral Thrawn something we should consider? Let’s dive into the details.

Understanding Baylan’s Motive

Baylan’s Complex Relationship with the Empire

His face-off against Ahsoka Tano wasn’t just lightsabers clashing; it was a dance of minds. Baylan’s well-chosen words and adept psychological maneuvers hinted at a deeper vendetta. Although aligned with Lady Morgan Elsbeth and her endeavor to retrieve Thrawn, his disdain for the Empire and particularly Darth Vader’s legacy raised eyebrows. Could it be that Baylan’s true endgame isn’t the Imperial Grand Admiral but something far more powerful?

The World Between Worlds – A Key to Time?

The legendary Star Destroyer Chimera holds a profound secret – a portal to the mysterious World Between Worlds. Introduced in the “Star Wars Rebels” finale, it’s no ordinary space. This realm, built upon the ruins of the Lothal Jedi Temple, is believed to harbor the secret to time travel. Emperor Palpatine himself yearned for its power to defeat death. And if Baylan is aware of this portal aboard Thrawn’s ship, one can’t help but wonder if the Admiral is merely a pawn in his grand scheme.

Rewriting the Sands of Time

Time travel is a concept we’ve seen toyed with across cinematic universes, but the World Between Worlds adds a fresh layer to it. Lucasfilm’s Dave Filoni might have noted its limitations, but we’re talking about a realm not thoroughly explored yet. For someone of Baylan’s cunning, could the lure of rewriting history be too tempting to resist?

Ahsoka’s Journey to the Unknown

As fans reeled from the cliffhanger ending of Ahsoka episode 4, the familiar setting of the World Between Worlds took center stage. Given Ahsoka’s past brush with this realm, thanks to Ezra Bridger’s intervention, her unexpected return might hold the key to the series’ unfolding mystery. The presence of Anakin Skywalker’s Force ghost only thickens the plot.

Baylan’s true mission may soon be unveiled, especially if Ahsoka gleans insights from this enigmatic dimension. It would be a poetic twist if Baylan’s ambition to master the World Between Worlds is foiled by knowledge gained within it.

Stay Tuned!

The unfolding mysteries of the Star Wars universe never cease to amaze. While fan theories abound, the truth awaits in the upcoming episodes. Tune into Ahsoka every Tuesday at 9PM EST/6PM PST exclusively on Disney+ for the latest revelations.