All About Marc Schauer Age, Wife Laura Linney, Kids, Career, Net Worth & Other Details

Marc Schauer is a famous American real estate agent, investor, and celebrity spouse. He is famously known for being married to the celebrated film actress Laura Linney.

Laura is a celebrated actress who has been honored with four Primetime Emmy Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and five Tony Award nominations. Additionally, she has been recognized as a three-time Academy Awards nominee.

Marc Schauer Profile Summary

Full name: Marc Schauer

Gender: Male

Sexual orientation: Straight

Date of birth: 5th April 1960

Birth sign: Aquarius

Place of birth: Telluride, Colorado

Place of residence: Manhattan, New York

Age: 61 years

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Eye color: Brown

Hair color: Black

Height: 5 ft and 10 in (1.78)

Weight: 67 kg

Marital status: Married

Spouse’s name: Laura Linney (m. 2009)

Children: 1 (Bennet Armistead Schauer)

Profession: Real estate agent

Marc Schauer was born on April 5th, 1960, in Telluride, Colorado. Unfortunately, not much is known about his early life, including his family members and educational background. He did not become a public figure until he met famous actress Laura Linney.

Schauer has shared some details about his past. Initially, his family relocated from Colorado to New York, which is where he probably spent his formative years. After he completed high school, he decided not to further his education and instead got a job in real estate.


Schauer has been tight-lipped about his job as a real estate agent. Nevertheless, records indicate that he’s a qualified real estate broker in New York. Apart from that, he worked as a drug and alcohol counselor as well as a V.I.P Host. During one of the events he was hosting, he and Laura Linney were introduced for the first time.

March Schauer & Laura Linney’s Love Story

In 2004, Marc Schauer and Laura Linney crossed paths at a film festival held in Schauer’s hometown, Telluride, Colorado. At the event, Schauer was the VIP host, connecting the festival and the town, and he gave Laura a tour.

The couple was immediately smitten with one another, with Laura revealing that she had been drawn to him all along. Schauer too had a special connection but they refrained from taking any action for some time.

At the end of the festival, he took Laura stargazing, which she found incredibly romantic. However, her mother had come along with her, leaving them to just admire the stars.

Before Laura departed, Schauer handed her a notice, indicating his commitment to take her to watch the stars whenever she desired. Therefore, despite the two being separated by distance and Laura’s packed film agenda, they started exchanging emails.

Subsequently, they made arrangements to meet in person, and this was fulfilled in Chicago during one of Laura’s visits there.

Marc Schauer and Laura Linney began dating following their meeting in Chicago, and in 2007 they became engaged. After a two-year period, they had a private wedding ceremony in 2009 that was attended by close family and friends, as well as many celebrities due to Laura’s fame.

Liam Neeson escorted the actress down the aisle at her wedding to Laura Schauer and the couple have been together for 13 years. In 2014, when Laura was 49 years old, they had their first and only child, Bennet Armistead Schauer, though the pregnancy was kept a secret.

Marc Schauer’s Net Worth

Given that Schauer is a very private person, there is very limited information on his wealth or income. Nonetheless, the average real estate broker in New York collects approximately $98,000 annually. It is probable that his income is significantly more than this, considering his star status.

Schauer and his spouse have a collective value of more than $10 million. Most of their wealth comes from Laura’s acting income, which can reach $300,000 per episode for certain roles on TV shows.

All About Marc Schauer Age, Wife Laura Linney, Kids, Career, Net Worth & Other Details