Attack on Titan Final Season Takes Inspiration From Bleach TYBW

Attack On Titan Final Season is slated to air for the final time this month, and fans are curious how the series will wrap up by recreating the most controversial endings from the manga series that has divided the fandom. Is the Final Part of Attack On Titan going to implement an anime-original ending, or will it stick to the manga ending? Here is a detailed update from the author himself.

Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan Final Season: The Ending May Take An Inspiration From The Bleach TYBW Series

Bleach TYBW has had additional scenes from the beginning and has gotten to the point of slightly deviating from the source material by bringing justice to Squad Zero’s reputation. In light of Hajime Isayama’s new message for Part 4 of Attack On Titan Final Season, the series might take a similar approach.

A Special Message From Hajime Isayama

— Attack on Titan Wiki (@AoTWiki) November 1, 2023

Author Hajime Isayama

The message indicates Hajime Isayama has given his everything into the series to gift the fans a special goodbye with the last part of the Final Season. Fans are not only excited to see how Mappa animates the Final Season at its peak with its best resources but also what more additional scenes they can anticipate in part 4, as hinted by Isayama.

Attack On Titan Final Season Featuring The Rumbling Scene

Will Attack On Titan Final Season Deviate From Its Controversial Manga Ending? (Spoiler Alert)

The possibility of deviating from the source material has low chances, as the latest trailer has already hinted at the ending that follows the source material. However, fans may expect a few additional scenes in the series added from the rough drafts, as mentioned by Isayama. Since no spoilers have been revealed, it is difficult to predict what the author and Mappa have in store for the fans.

Attack On Titan (Excerpts From The Manga)

The manga’s final scene, which didn’t sit well with the fans, has divided the fandom. A few fans thought the finale was lovely since it ended peacefully with the Titans vanishing from the world and humanity being able to start over from scratch while having the events come full circle, yet again. While a few of the fans were quite angry with the author, as they felt the ending was a bit rushed and did not make much sense. The anime may close all of these gaps and fix the mistakes made in the manga, allowing fans to embrace the conclusion.

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Attack on Titan Final Season Takes Inspiration From Bleach TYBW