Black Clover Final Arc Spoilers: How is Wizard King and Asta Related?

When it comes to shrouded parentage and mysterious backstories, “Black Clover” takes the cake. As the series hurtles toward its cataclysmic finale, every new revelation is fuel for the fan theory fire. Forget about the Big Three for a moment; Black Clover has its own galaxy of swirling questions and potential answers. So, what’s the dish that’s got every manga aficionado talking? Well, the question is as old as time (or at least as old as Asta’s grimoire): Who is Asta’s father?

Who Needs a Paternity Test When You Have Magic?

As hardcore fans know, Asta’s mom, Licita, has already been introduced in the storyline. But poppa bear? That’s a different story altogether. The latest buzz is a fan theory that spells out none other than Julius Novachrono—the Wizard King himself—as Asta’s possible dad.

“According to one fan theory, this arc may be setting this lingering mystery as one final major twist, with the claim that the Wizard King himself is Asta’s dad,” said Ajay Aravind, updating fans on the latest gossip.

But wait, there’s more to this theory than meets the eye.

Breaking Down the Buzz: Could the Wizard King Really Be Asta’s Dad in Black Clover’s Final Arc

The Julius Novachrono Puzzle: Magic, Souls, and Paternity

If Julius is Asta’s father, it wouldn’t just be a convenient plot point. It would answer a lot of perplexing questions. Licita, with her unintentional magic-siphoning capabilities, would find it challenging to conceive with just anyone. Asta, too, inherited a unique blend of powers.

“It’s hard to imagine how Licita could have ever given birth to Asta, let alone conceived him in the first place,” as the theory lays it out.

After Asta got his second sword, Julius appeared more than a tad interested. He couldn’t wield the sword, but it didn’t seem to affect him much either. He knew about Asta’s special condition and even hinted at a more profound connection, which leaves us with a tantalizing theory—perhaps Julius is not just another Magic Knights Captain but someone intrinsically tied to Asta’s life.

Breaking Down the Buzz: Could the Wizard King Really Be Asta’s Dad in Black Clover’s Final Arc

The Julius-Lucius-Asta Triangle

Now here comes the wrinkle in this already wrinkled theory: Julius Novachrono is technically two souls in one body. Yep, that’s right. Lucius Zogratis, with his powerful Soul Magic, is the other half of the equation.

“Julius finds a way to somehow integrate himself into a noble family, become a Magic Knight Captain, and even become the Wizard King, all while unknowingly using a devil’s magic and not his own,” explains the backstory.

Could Asta be a secret weapon crafted for Julius to use against Lucius? The chances look slim, but as any good anime series teaches us, never say never.

Will the Rematch Spill the Tea?

As Asta gears up for a possibly earth-shattering rematch with Lucius, will the mystery of his father finally unravel? Will Julius turn out to be more than a curious bystander in Asta’s journey? This particular fan theory might be teetering on the edge of implausible, but let’s face it, so did the idea of gods, demons, and undead Magic Knights Captains.

“So it’s possible that Astaroth found a way to take control for a limited time, perhaps to create a weapon that would save him from Lucius,” adds the fan theory, adding another layer to this delicious cake of speculation.


Who do you think is Asta’s Father?

His mother was ostracized because she absorbs life force and magic from anyone she touches.

And the problem is that Tabata has to keep following the theme that Asta is NOT special; that’s what makes him special, he also…

— ABD (@AnimeBallsDeep) August 22, 2023

Closing Scroll

With every new chapter of “Black Clover,” we’re like kids on Christmas morning, ripping through the wrapping paper of mystery and conjecture to get to the goodies inside. And while this theory might be a stretch for some, it’s the very essence of what makes the Black Clover universe so captivating: endless possibilities. Whether or not Julius Novachrono will be passing down the Wizard King crown to his son remains to be seen, but one thing’s for sure: when the truth finally unveils, it’s going to turn the world of “Black Clover” upside down. So brace yourselves, Magic Knights; we’re in for a wild ride.