Bleach Animators Are Receiving Threats and Hate Comments From The Fans. Here is Why!

Bleach anime has been continued after a 10-year-old hiatus, and many fans are glad to have their favorite anime series back in action. However, recently, after a few episodes, it seems the Bleach Animators are having a tough time considering the threats and h*te comments they are receiving from the fans.

Bleach Thousand Years Of Blood War: Cour 2

Bleach Animators Are Reportedly Receiving Threats From The Fans

One of the Bleach animators, Sakai, expressed concern about the fan hatred his team is receiving on Twitter.




— 平松正樹#51???????? (@hiramac10) September 9, 2023

As translated, the post says,

“Well, it’s okay to complain, but I think you should stop giving warnings and threats of harm. As a result, key staff members may become fed up with the project and leave, leading to a decline in the quality of the work.”

Ichigo, as shown in the anime

Few people think the anime series is horrible due to Tite Kubo’s poor plot pace. Others believe the animations have some of the worst choreography they’ve ever watched.

I’m not going to defend when Bleach has shitty fights or animation. The first episode of this cour was actually bad, and a lot of what people are calling “peak” is just better than average compared to contemporary. I like it but it has flaws (like the cgi shading for example)

A scene from the anime series

Listen, I don’t watch Bleach. Don’t really have any intention of watching it.

But going off this clip alone, it’s got pretty aiight choreography. Nothing bad….

But my dude, NOTHING is beating Naruto. Naruto is just… in a special league of chreography when they want it to.

— River (@Mar_Animation) August 28, 2023

It should also be taken into account that the planned manga sequence from the anime series was not included. When Urahara describes sending people out on a crucial mission and continues to explain how they’re obtaining the energy, there is an extra panel added just before Yoruichi enters the frame in chapter 589.




— 平松正樹#51???????? (@hiramac10) September 9, 2023

How the manga unfolds is not under the animators’ control. A few fans also think that the sequences when Sado questions Ichigo about Inoue’s outfit were left out because the creators intended to keep the series’ serious tone.

“They should’ve expected this, since they cut out the manga panel of Rukia being in the healing pool with her ass up, they’re just not going to do gratuitous fanservice in TYBW adaptation, because they want to keep the mostly serious tone, besides a few lighthearted comedic moments. People should already know this by now, it’s crazy they’re actually going after animators on Twitter about it, very unhinged behavior.”


The panel that was cut from the anime scene

Fans, since then, have immediately jumped in defense of the Bleach anime series and the animators. Many fans have criticized the story’s plodding pace, while some have defended it by claiming that Cour 3 and 4 will get the biggest bombs.

“You can tell just how much they’re busting their asses off to be faithful to the manga. And what I think people don’t realize is that they’re saving the BIG GUNS for cour 3 and 4 as it’s been implied in an interview that they’ve been working on quite a few anime original scenes. I really hope this hatred dies down and they can carry on as usual.”


Final thoughts:

It is not a piece of new information that anime fans can be severely toxic when things don’t go their way. Spreading hatred in their fandom, including other fandoms, is just a daily dose of entertainment for them. But once the hate is conditioned with personal attacks on the makers, that’s where the line should be drawn.

Apparently some Bleach animators have been receiving a lot of hate??
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