Blue Lock Chapter 241 Release Date and Time, Where to Read, Raw Scans, and More

Blue Lock Chapter 241 will be out in a few days! Here is what we can tell you about it!

Blue Lock Chapter 241: Release Date and Time

Blue Lock Chapter 241 will be released on Tuesday, November 21, 2023, for global readers, while fans in Japan can access it on November 22 at 12 am JST.

Here is a list of release timings for various time zones for the chapter:

Pacific Standard Time: 7 am, Tuesday, November 21

Central Standard Time: 9 am, Tuesday, November 21

Eastern Standard Time: 10 am, Tuesday, November 21

Greenwich Mean Time: 3 pm, Tuesday, November 21

Central European Time: 4 pm, Tuesday, November 21

Indian Standard Time: 8:30 pm, Tuesday, November 21

Philippine Standard Time: 11 pm, Tuesday, November 21

Australia Central Standard Time: 12:30 am, Wednesday, November 22

Recap of Blue Lock Chapter 240

Chapter 240 delved into Rin Itoshi’s determination to surpass his brother Sae and defeat Isagi. The chapter got into auction rankings again, and Hiori, Raichi, Tokimitsu, and Nanase received the initial bids. However, Barou faced disappointment as he dropped to third place. Isagi managed to secure the second spot with triple his previous bid. Rin became the top-ranked player, while Kaiser received a significant bid from La Real, emphasizing his rivalry with Isagi.

Blue Lock Chapter 240 Spoilers
(Page 9-12)#bluelock #bluelock240

— Umair Nakade (@Umair_axh) November 10, 2023

What to Expect from Blue Lock Chapter 241, Pickled Raddish and Natto?

In Blue Lock Chapter 241, titled “Pickled Raddish and Natto,” it is expected that it will explore the lowest-ranked players and will be a reflection of their progress since arriving at Blue Lock. The chapter might focus on Isagi and Igaguri, who were initially served these dishes but have now been doing way better. It can be a reminder of their journey but also an analysis of their future. Some fans think it might focus on Kaiser’s bid received from La Real and how it could mean taking over different objectives for Kaiser.

Panel from Blue Lock Chapter 240

Where to Read Blue Lock Chapter 241?

Blue Lock’s manga is available physically as well as digitally. You can read Blue Lock on Kodansha in English weekly.

Check out this guide to help you out. Also, here is a guide to watching Blue Lock legally, if you wish to check out the anime as well!

Blue Lock Chapter 241 Release Date and Time, Where to Read, Raw Scans, and More