Blue Lock Manga Review 2023, Read Online, Number of Volumes/Chapters and Every Reason Why This Epic Sports Manga is Worth Reading

Think shonen manga is all about fantasy realms and high-stakes battles? Think again! You’re in for a curveball because Blue Lock is rewriting the shonen playbook. While most shonen manga are embroiled in action, adventure, and fantasy, Blue Lock offers an intriguing twist: the world of sports, specifically soccer. It’s not just any soccer story—it focuses on individual prowess rather than teamwork. Curious to know how many volumes of this game-changer are out there? Let’s kick things off!

Blue Lock: The Manga After the Anime

Blue Lock


If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of the fans who’ve been tantalized by the Blue Lock anime series. And why wouldn’t you be? With season 2 already announced, the anticipation is real.

That’s what makes a story good, right? When one arc concludes, you don’t want to wait for the next arc; you want to find out and read the entire story in one sitting.

So, let’s get to the heart of it: as of now, Blue Lock has a whopping 25 volumes comprising 221 chapters.

Blue Lock’s Manga Volumes: A Quick Guide

Planning to dive into the manga? It’s as easy as a penalty kick. Just follow the volume sequence, and you won’t miss a beat—or a goal! Here’s a snapshot for you:

Volume No.
Release Date

Blue Lock, Vol. 1
Ch. 1-4
November 16, 2018

Blue Lock, Vol. 2
Ch. 5-13
January 17, 2019

Blue Lock, Vol. 3
Ch. 14-22
March 15, 2019

Blue Lock, Vol. 4
Ch. 23-31
June 17, 2019

Blue Lock, Vol. 5
Ch. 32-40
August 16, 2019

Blue Lock, Vol. 6
Ch. 41-49
October 17, 2019

Blue Lock, Vol. 7
Ch. 50-58
January 17, 2020

Blue Lock, Vol. 8
Ch. 59-67
March 17, 2020

Blue Lock, Vol. 9
Ch. 68-76
May 15, 2020

Blue Lock, Vol. 10
Ch. 77-85
August 17, 2020

Blue Lock, Vol. 11
Ch. 86-94
October 16, 2020

Blue Lock, Vol. 12
Ch. 95-103
December 17, 2020

Blue Lock, Vol. 13
Ch. 104-112
March 17, 2021

Blue Lock, Vol. 14
Ch. 113-121
May 17, 2021

Blue Lock, Vol. 15
Ch. 122-131
August 17, 2021

Blue Lock, Vol. 16
Ch. 132-140
October 15, 2021

Blue Lock, Vol. 17
Ch. 141-149
December 17, 2021

Blue Lock, Vol. 18
Ch. 150-158
March 17, 2022

Blue Lock, Vol. 19
Ch. 159-167
May 17, 2022

Blue Lock, Vol. 20
Ch. 168-176
July 15, 2022

Blue Lock, Vol. 21
Ch. 177-185
October 17, 2022

Blue Lock, Vol. 22
Ch. 186-194
December 16, 2022

Blue Lock, Vol. 23
Ch. 195-203
March 16, 2023

Blue Lock, Vol. 24
Ch. 204-212
May 17, 2023

Blue Lock, Vol. 25
Ch. 213-221
July 14, 2023

Note: The English translation for Volumes 21 to 25 are not released yet. Keep your eyes on this space for updates!

Blue Lock


The Grit and Glamour of Blue Lock

Blue Lock is no mere game; it’s a survival of the fittest—or should we say, the most talented. Imagine a boot camp designed to produce Japan’s best soccer striker. A place where failure isn’t an option, because failing means you’re booted out of the Japanese soccer league. Forever. That’s Blue Lock for you.

It’s here that we meet Yoichi Isagi, a high-schooler with big dreams and bigger doubts. With an invitation to this brutal training program, he sees a shot at becoming the star striker Japan needs. The stakes? Just his entire future in soccer.

What sets this apart is the narrative. “The story is far from being a regular soccer title.” Imagine a setting that’s less like a soccer field and more like a prison. Now throw in brutal training sessions that often get physical. Add a dash of drama, friendship, rivalry, and you’ve got a series that’s more gripping than a penalty shootout in extra time.

Blue Lock CH228 Summary!

Translations: @hoshi801_

— Rayuga (@RayugaX101) August 4, 2023

Why You Shouldn’t Miss This Goal

For those who thrive on manga that take you into a world darker and more intense than your regular sports fare, Blue Lock is your title. It’s already spun its magic on screen with an anime adaptation, and season two is in the works. So why stop at the anime? “The manga has a lot more content, and the drawings and the manga panels are insane!”

So, whether you’re a soccer fan, a manga aficionado, or someone who loves a good, gritty tale, give Blue Lock’s manga a shot. Trust us; it’s a game you won’t want to miss.