Bofuri Season 3 Release Date Update: Has the Anime Series Been Renewed or Canceled?

Bofuri Season 3 is much anticipated after Season 2 finally concludes with the two final episodes.

The last 2 episodes of Bofuri Season 2 aired after a month’s hiatus. A major tease has been dropped after season 2 has ended, which may introduce new characters and a storyline.

Bofuri Anime Series Introduces 4 New Characters in Appealing Visuals

Bofuri is a popular anime series that started as a light novel series with illustrations by Koin. The anime series is based on the manga of the same name by Yuumikan.

Bofuri Season 2 has recently concluded, and fans are now curious whether or not the anime series will be renewed for a third season.

【NEWS】BOFURI Season 2 -Thunder Storm & Rapid Fire Visual!

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Has Bofuri Anime Been Renewed for Season 3?

The official production house of Bofuri, Silver Link, has not rolled out any official announcement for Bofuri Season 3 renewal as of 30th April 2023.

Furthermore, we are unlikely to hear anything from the production house because Bofuri Season 2 has just concluded, with the final episode airing on April 19th.

Maple is Fans’ Favorite Character in the Anime Series

Will Bofuri Return With A Season 3?

Yes, Bofuri will surely return with Season 3 but not anytime soon. When the final episode of season 2 premiered on April 19th, it showcased the visuals for 4 new characters. The episode showcased what new characters will look like.

Does Bofuri Season 3 Have a Release Date?

Bofuri Season 3 Doesn’t Have a Release Date Yet

No, there is no release date for Bofuri Season 3 yet. Since the anime hasn’t been confirmed or announced officially by Silver Link, there is no release date yet.

But as soon as the series have source material to return with season 3, the release date will be announced.

Where to Watch Bofuri Season 3 Online?

Bofuri Season 3 will be streaming online on Crunchyroll and Netflix once it has an official announcement. Fans will need to subscribe to any of these two online platforms to watch season 3 online.

Bofuri Season 3 Release Date Update: Has the Anime Series Been Renewed or Canceled?