Boruto Anime English Dub: Episode Count, Dub Status, Delay Reason & More Updates

Boruto Anime English Dub has a loyal and devoted fanbase. Season 1 of the Boruto anime has concluded, but fans of English dubbing are finding it very difficult to find a dubbed version of the anime. The Boruto anime English dub of recent episodes is being delayed as usual. Fans are more than frustrated, as it has become difficult to find Boruto anime English dubs in one place. Read on to learn where to find Boruto anime English dub episodes.

Boruto being possessed by Otsutsuki

How many episodes of Boruto anime English Dub are available?

The first season has 294 episodes, of which only 231 have been dubbed. According to the real-time information, the Boruto anime first started airing with both dub and sub on April 5, 2017. For Western fans, the dubbed episodes were first published by Adult Swim. The first 52 English-dubbed episodes of Boruto were aired on Toonami and were later removed because of low Western ratings. The show was then picked up by VIZ Media. The dub releases were delayed again due to COVID-19.

Viz Media later released two boxed sets of the Boruto anime in English dub in 2023, with 21 episodes each. These sets are a bit expensive to get, as they cost a whopping $50 each. However, much to the excitement of fans, OTT platforms have started to stream anime on their platforms, and one such streaming site is Disney’s Hulu.

How to watch the Boruto anime English dub online?

VIZ Media: The English dub of Boruto has been released up through episode 231 via VIZ Media’s box set collections. Boruto anime English dub is available till the “Otsusuki Awakening” arc of the story. Fans can check their website or streaming platforms to access the dubbed episodes. The recently dubbed episodes from 231 to 255 were published by Viz on November 14th, 2023. 

There’s trouble in the Land of Water. The full wrath of The Funato is coming!

Order Boruto: Naruto Next Generations – The Funato War:

— VIZ (@VIZMedia) November 13, 2023

2) Hulu: As of now, there are 155 dubbed episodes of Boruto available on Hulu. The rest are yet to be released.

Fans that insist on watching only the English version, will have to wait longer as no official updates have been posted about when the rest of the 139 episodes will be released. 

Boruto Anime English Dub: Episode Count, Dub Status, Delay Reason & More Updates