Boruto Spoilers: Is Sasuke a Tree Now? Redditor Explains Uchia Fate in Two Blue Vortex

It’s been almost four months since Boruto: Two Blue Vortex kicked off with all the hype it needed, and fans have welcomed it with all their hearts. However, none of the chapters contained the character that fans wanted to appear so desperately, and that character is none other than Sasuke Uchiha. Wild Boruto Spoilers suggest that Sauske might have become a tree. But how? Here is all you need to know about the latest Boruto Spoilers, which might come true soon.

Boruto: Two Blue Vortex

Boruto Spoilers: Did Sasuke Indeed Turn Into a Tree?

There have been rumors that Sasuke Uchiha is allegedly no longer alive because the writers have chosen to remove Sasuke and Naruto from the Boruto series. The reason for the rise of these claims is that the creators supposedly believe the series relies too heavily on these two main characters, and Boruto is getting under the shadow. The Boruto Spoilers at the end of Chapter 3 indicated that there are possibilities that a person may turn into a tree upon being bitten by a Claw Grimes. This is essential for the further development of the chapters as the fans are getting to know the importance of the Claw Grimes’ skills.

Boruto Spoilers: With just one bite, Claw Grimes can turn anyone into a tree

Naruto Shippuden had similar creatures who were the clones of the Ten-Tailed Beast, but they were weaker in the series. This time, the Claw Grimes are the humanoid version of the Ten-Tailed Beast, created by Code, and oddly more powerful than the clones of the Ten-Tails shown in Naruto Shippuden. Given that these Claw Grimes can transform humans into trees with just one bite, fans have speculated that Sasuke may have taken on the form of a tree. According to this idea, Sasuke is still alive and, like Naruto and Hinata, is imprisoned somewhere.

Boruto Spoilers: Claw Grimes biting one shinobi and transforming him into a tree

Since Naruto got sucked into Kawaki’s Daikokuten dimension, effectively removing him from the story in a state of stasis, people think it makes narrative sense to also put Sasuke into a similar state of stasis. Originally, people freaked out in the first chapter of the time skip, thinking Sasuke had died, but it would be ridiculous to kill Sasuke unceremoniously offscreen. The Chakra Trees have become more prominent in the manga, so it’s believed/theorized that Boruto regrets not being able to rescue Sasuke and that is why he is so desperate to find the Chakra Trees.


Additionally, as many have predicted, Boruto would not have withheld this crucial information from Sarada during their brief conversation if Sasuke was, in fact, dead. We are already familiar with the very first chapter of Boruto: Two Blue Vortex, in which Code mentions facing up against Boruto two years ago. Fans believe that Sasuke sacrificed his life to protect Boruto from Code. Fans are tempted to assume that he has been turned into a tree than that he is dead.

Sasuke Uchiha had a rough way throughout his existence.

Sasuke becoming a tree seems logical because we have the appearance of toads, we have a code which says that Boruto ran away two years ago I don’t believe that Sasuke would run away I believe that Sasuke sacrificed himself and let boruto escape


According to fans, nerfing Sasuke and Naruto, who had God-like powers in the series’ prequel, was a horrible idea. Fans believe it would be more tragic for a figure like Sauske to have turned into a tree, but if these Boruto spoilers come true, they will be confident that Sasuke is still alive. Fans have also rejected the earlier claim that Sasuke is the katana used by Boruto since it does not make sense.

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One of the most complex characters in the Naruto series is Sasuke Uchiha. With his being an anti-hero in the initial part of the story and then gradually receiving the love he deserved and reforming himself to become a complete family man, the last of the Uchiha had a rough existence. In the final chapter of the Boruto manga series, he took Boruto as a pupil and helped him flee the village. Sasuke Uchiha is one of the series’ bravest characters, and it would be unfair to kill him off-screen. Regardless, fans have been waiting for a glimpse of their beloved character and are hopeful that this Boruto Spoiler will come true!

Boruto Spoilers: Is Sasuke a Tree Now? Redditor Explains Uchia Fate in Two Blue Vortex