Boruto Spoilers: Will Naruto Die At the End?

Boruto spoilers were given to the audience at the beginning of the series. A grown-up Boruto and Kawaki were seen fighting in a destroyed Konoha and Kawaki threatened Boruto that he would send him to the same place, that he sent the Seventh Hokage. This got many fans speculating as to what the statement meant.

Many think this means Naruto dies, and Kawaki is threatening to kill Boruto as well. While some think this could mean some other thing entirely. Let us take a look at some theories by fans:

Adult Boruto and Kawaki face off

Boruto spoilers: Why do people think Naruto Dies in the Boruto Timeskip?

The authors have already started to make Naruto weaker with each arc. In the fight with Isshiki, Naruto lost his dear friend Kurama who sacrificed himself to save Naruto and his children. This already puts him in a much weaker spot, as he is no longer strong enough to take on major threats.

Still have nightmares about Kurama’s death

— Ant Johnson♋️ (@Ant_Dinero1) April 15, 2023

There are also speculations that Naruto still has major chakra reserves and can make up for the losses of Kurama. However, given that in the most recent chapter of Boruto manga, Naruto and his wife Hinata were both stuck in a Dimension made by Kawaki.  Not only did Naruto actually fall victim to this ploy but as a result was not there to save his son from Kawaki and Eida. This means now Boruto will have to get stronger to protect his father.

Who will be responsible for Naruto’s death?

Although it was Kawaki who says to Boruto “I’ll send you where I sent the Seventh Hokage, Boruto,” many fans think Kawaki is not responsible for Naruto’s death. In the Boruto manga, it has been stated many times that Kawaki adores Naruto to the point that he will use destructive ways to protect his hero. He even put Naruto in a different Dimension in order to protect him even if it meant he was to fight Boruto.

The plot progression will indeed be very high stakes if Naruto is killed. Boruto will have to go through such intense character development in order to face such a tragedy and come out of it to fight Kawaki. The possibility of this seems highly unlikely given the manga has rarely taken a route so intense before.

It will take a long time for the manga and the anime to give us more context to the above Boruto spoilers preidction time skip. Fans can wait and speculate as to what will it mean and how the story will turn out in the end. As for Naruto’s death, many think it is unlikely; despite being weaker than his prime, Naruto is still a very strong Hokage and has many supporters by his side, including his best friend Sasuke.

I hate that whenever a new boruto chapter is about to come out we get these stupid “Sasuke’s gonna die soon I can feel it” tweets when… no one even really dies ever in naruto

— Ravina⁷ ???? (@vvspecs) April 16, 2023

What is your opinion on the above Boruto spoilers and predictions? Let us know in the comment section, and keep reading Hiptoro for more Boruto spoilers.

Boruto Spoilers: Will Naruto Die At the End?


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