‘Break from Slaying’: Kylie Jenner’s Casual Outings with Timothée Chalamet Spark Fan Curiosity

Ever noticed Kylie Jenner’s recent shift in fashion choices? The beauty mogul, known for her iconic, attention-grabbing ensembles, recently addressed the chatter about her dressed-down looks in a playful TikTok. Donning a simple white tank top paired with relaxed black sweatpants, Jenner cheekily quipped, “Right now I’m not depressed, I’m just having a little break from slaying.” The 26-year-old reality star reassured fans, “[I’ll] go back to slaying soon, so don’t you worry.”

Kylie, the face behind the Kylie Cosmetics empire, is no stranger to bold, body-conforming outfits that make a statement. However, lately, she seems to be embracing a minimalist aesthetic. Case in point: a basic black tee and jeans combo while attending the U.S. Open with actor boyfriend Timothée Chalamet.

Matching the Man? Theories Behind Kylie’s Fashion Choices

A recent episode of “The Giggly Squad” podcast put Jenner’s new fashion choices under the microscope. Paige DeSorbo, the co-host, amusingly pointed out, “Every boyfriend [the Kardashians] get, they start to look like them.” DeSorbo compared this shift to the often-joked idea that pets and their owners begin to resemble one another over time. She seemed particularly baffled seeing Jenner at the U.S. Open, musing, “It’s like, what are you doing?”

Considering Chalamet’s preference for laid-back attire, some wonder if he’s the influence behind Jenner’s recent style choices. In contrast, Travis Scott, Jenner’s ex and father to her children Stormi and Aire, had often been seen with Kylie in her signature glamorous attire.

From Glam to Casual: A Refreshing Change or a Temporary Phase?

While some speculate that Kylie’s change in fashion might be influenced by her budding relationship with Chalamet, others believe it might be a temporary break from the spotlight’s demands. After all, the world of high fashion and continuous media attention can be exhausting.

Whatever the reason behind Kylie’s current wardrobe choices, it’s clear she remains confident in her style evolution. And her loyal followers? They don’t seem to mind at all, eagerly waiting for her next ‘slay’ moment, whether it’s dressed up or down.

Source: Pagesix