Can Rick and Morty Season 7 Rekindle Lost Love with Unity’s Return?

Season 7 of “Rick and Morty” offers more than just intergalactic escapades and sci-fi humor; it delves deep into the emotional landscape of its titular character, Rick. The season hints at a significant development in Rick’s journey towards healing past wounds, particularly those surrounding the loss of his wife, Diane. With the reintroduction of Unity, Rick’s former flame, the show explores themes of love, loss, and the possibility of moving forward.

Rick’s Emotional Rollercoaster and the Return of Unity

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Rick Sanchez, the genius yet morally ambiguous protagonist, has long been portrayed as a loveless individual, devoting himself to science and hedonism to escape his pain. This season, however, suggests a turning point. Unity, a hive mind entity introduced in Season 2, re-emerges, bringing with it a complex history with Rick. Their past relationship, while seemingly a fling for Rick, was deeply emotional, ending with Unity leaving Rick to prevent further toxic influence.

The Significance of Unity in Rick’s Healing Process

Mark Medina, an NBA writer, shares insights into the show’s narrative direction. “Rick and Morty” has always been more than a comedy; it’s a story about a broken man grappling with immense loss and the self-destructive paths it leads him down. The pursuit of Rick Prime, responsible for Diane’s death, symbolizes Rick’s inability to deal with his grief. Medina notes, “There is a lot that hasn’t gone well… The ball movement isn’t good, it’s disorganized,” drawing a parallel between Rick’s emotional state and his chaotic actions.

Looks like the next episode of Rick And Morty is going to be a lore episode, these are the same drones Rick Prime uses, and he seems to be using rift travel again.#RickAndMorty

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Unity’s Impact on Rick’s Quest for Revenge

In Season 7, Unity’s return to Earth is not just a plot device but a symbol of Rick’s potential salvation. The episode reveals Unity’s attempt to reach out to Rick, expressing concern over his vendetta against Rick Prime. This intervention highlights Unity’s understanding of Rick’s pain and the destructive nature of his obsession. It’s a poignant reminder that Rick’s path to healing requires facing his emotions, something he’s long avoided.

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Can Unity Help Rick Move Beyond His Past?

The season beautifully encapsulates Rick’s internal struggle. Unity’s proactive and selfless approach towards Rick signifies a chance for him to embrace vulnerability again. Their deep connection, rooted in a shared past and understanding, offers Rick a glimpse into a life beyond revenge and loneliness. However, Rick’s journey towards accepting this chance is fraught with challenges, reflecting the show’s deeper themes of personal growth and emotional resilience.

Conclusion: A New Direction for ‘Rick and Morty’

“Rick and Morty” Season 7 goes beyond its traditional sci-fi comedy roots to explore the complexities of love, loss, and healing. Unity’s role in this narrative arc offers a fresh perspective on Rick’s character, presenting a chance for redemption and emotional growth. As the season progresses, it remains to be seen whether Rick will embrace this opportunity to heal and find true love, or continue down his path of self-destruction.

Can Rick and Morty Season 7 Rekindle Lost Love with Unity’s Return?