Death row inmate’s ‘excruciating’ execution after a ‘mistake’ at his last supper

A frightening autopsy report has shown that a death row convict made a mistake with his last meal and experienced an “excruciating” execution.

Wesley Ira Purkey was sentenced to Death row in 2004 for kidnapping, raping, and killing 16-year-old schoolgirl Jennifer Long in 1998, he was 68 years old when he was put to death row by lethal injection. The adolescent skipped classes on January 22 and was last seen at East High School in Kansas City, Missouri.

According to reports, Purkey persuaded the young girl into his pick-up truck in front of a grocery store. He then drove her to his house, killing her by raping and stabbing her. After partially burning her body in a fireplace and cutting her up with a chainsaw, he then buried her bones in a septic pond in Clearwater, Kansas. The Mirror said that no one has ever discovered Jennifer’s remains.

After that, Purkey used a claw hammer to beat Mary Bales, an 80-year-old polio patient, to death. When he committed the murder, he was at Mary’s house repairing a kitchen tap. After neighbors witnessed him attempting to burn Mary’s remains, he was subsequently taken into custody.

Death row convict Purkey suffered from “severe bilateral acute pulmonary oedema” and “frothy pulmonary oedema in trachea and main stem bronchi,” according to the autopsy performed after his fatal injection execution.

According to, this effectively meant that fluid entered his lungs and trachea swiftly, generating “a near-drowning” experience that a medical professional called “among the most excruciating feelings known to man.”

The filling of Purkey’s lungs could only have occurred while he was still alive, according to Doctor Gail Van Norman. According to medical experts, the majority of prisoners—if not all—will endure agonizing pain from [the lethal injection chemical] pentobarbital, including feelings of drowning and suffocating.

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JUST IN: Wesley Purkey was executed after the Supreme Court cleared the way for the second federal execution since 2003

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) July 16, 2020

Turkey, who was said to have dementia, reportedly asked for pecan pie as his last supper and asked to preserve the rest for later. But he was unaware that there would be no afterward.

The Daily Star reports that Purkey said, “I deeply regret the pain and suffering I caused to Jennifer’s family,” before being put to death at an Indiana prison. I apologize profusely. I sincerely regret the harm I did to my kid, whom I adore. This clean murder serves absolutely no purpose at all.

The New York Times reported that Purkey’s execution was long overdue and that Purkey’s father and stepmother told reporters as much. Jennifer’s father, William Long said, “He needed to take his last breath; he took my daughter’s last breath.”

Death row inmate’s ‘excruciating’ execution after a ‘mistake’ at his last supper