Demon Slayer Anime Fans Call Out Crunchyroll for Faulty Translations

Crunchyroll has a notorious history of problems with subtitles, and fans are never satisfied. This time a fan came up with a problem with the subtitles for Demon Slayer.

Crunchyroll has a notorious history of problems with subtitles and fans are never satisfied

Crunchyroll Faulty Translations Has Irked The Demon Slayer Fans

Recently in a Reddit post, a fan pointed out the faulty translation in one of the episodes. The Reddit user claimed that the on-screen text translations were broken and not completely featured on Crunchyroll. To test further, the mentioned Reddit user analyzed the Funimation and the Netflix on-screen texts. The on-screen text translations worked both in Netflix and in Funimation, and now the case stands that the dubbed version has everything subtitled except on-screen text translations.

“So I guess my point is, what the hell is going on her and why is the current biggest anime streaming platform actively the worst version for dealing with this, at least in this specific case? Even crazier is that the version on the app they are in the process of phasing out is the best version, hell netlfix is infamous for how goofy it can be with subtitles and it still is better as an alternative than crunchyroll”


Demon Slayer: To The Swordsmith Village

While a few of the fans mentioned this is a technical glitch on their end and they are equally frustrated with Crunchyroll operating these days being one of the biggest anime platforms.

“This is a HUGE frustration too. It’s every dub but not even every episode in that dub. Been watching through Hunter X Hunter and some episodes have it and some don’t. Some episodes have it for some of the episode but not all of it.”


It is just not Demon Slayer HunterxHunter, Zom 100, and My Hero Academia watchers faced the same issue. It does seem technical glitch because not every dub of every series has this problem.  The on-screen text translations may not appear all the time on all the devices, or may just go on smoothly without any glitches. Crunchyroll is the only platform that features almost all the animes ever made to this date and yet has the most unprofessional way of dealing with the problems fans are facing.

“AFAIK they haven’t given any actual reason. The general assumption is laziness and disregard. When a company becomes a monopoly, a reduction of quality is almost an inevitability.”


The on-screen text translations worked on Funimation

The Reddit user also claims that Demon Slayer Season 3 has the exact opposite scenario where they have the on-screen translations but not the subtitles for the dubbed version.

“Funny enough season 3 has almost the inverse problem, with subtitles on for crunchyroll it has only on screen translations like before, but funimation has nothing for the dub.”


Read the full Reddit thread right here:

Does anyone have any sort of insight to what is actually up with the inconsistency of translating text on crunchyroll?
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