Denzel Washington Crushes it in Equalizer 3, How the Latest Film Outshines Its Predecessors in Ratings and Box Office

Denzel’s Dominance: “The Equalizer 3” Shines Brightest in its Franchise

From the quiet streets of Southern Italy to the resounding applause of cinema-goers worldwide, “The Equalizer 3” is not only a hit but a glorious pinnacle in its ongoing series. Starring the ever-enigmatic Denzel Washington, this third installment reveals a side of Robert McCall we’ve yet to experience, while also paying homage to the essence of the original movies.

Washington’s Return as Robert McCall

Robert McCall, previously known as a government assassin who turned his back on the life of crime for vigilantism, finds solace in the serene landscapes of Southern Italy. But, even in the midst of tranquil olive groves and ancient architecture, danger lurks in the shadows. When McCall learns that his new friends are ensnared by local mafiosos, he springs into action, once again reminding everyone why he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Critical Acclaim and Audience Adulation

“The Equalizer 3” isn’t merely a success—it’s a sensation. Grossing over $100 million globally after just its second weekend, it’s surging past its predecessors in terms of box office numbers. While “The Equalizer” raked in $192 million and its sequel, “The Equalizer 2”, bagged $190 million, the continued rise in earnings is a testament to the franchise’s growing appeal.

A Franchise Milestone in Critical Ratings

Earning a 75% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes, “The Equalizer 3” boasts the title of being the most critically acclaimed film of the trilogy. The debut movie garnered a respectable 61%, while the second movie settled at 52%. Such high ratings for the third film come as no surprise, with many critics extolling the film’s thrilling action sequences and Washington’s unmatched acting prowess. The film’s raw intensity even drew comparisons to the horror genre, with McCall’s character evoking iconic horror figures like Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.

Audiences Echo the Critics

As if a critic’s nod wasn’t enough, the film boasts an astounding audience score of 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. This is significantly higher than the 77% for the first movie and the 60% for its sequel. Fans around the globe have been vocal about their admiration for Washington’s multifaceted portrayal of McCall. His capability to blend raw power with poignant vulnerability has resonated with many. And let’s not forget the beautiful Italian backdrop, which only enriches the cinematic experience. Intense action, beautiful locations, and a story that grips you from start to finish— “The Equalizer 3” truly checks all the boxes.

In Conclusion

With a blend of evocative storytelling, breathtaking locations, and an unparalleled lead performance, “The Equalizer 3” has set a new benchmark for action movies. Whether you’re a fan of the franchise or a newcomer, this movie promises an experience that’s both thrilling and memorable.