Denzel’s Final Bow as McCall: How The Equalizer 3 Scored Big at the Box Office

Denzel Washington Bids Farewell with Box Office Blaze

Denzel Washington’s swan song as Robert McCall has audiences worldwide rallying to theaters. The Equalizer 3, under the adept direction of Antoine Fuqua, chronicles the journey of McCall, the formidable retired government assassin, as he confronts the mafia in Southern Italy. As a testament to its gripping plot and Washington’s unmatched charisma, the film has already crossed a significant landmark.

Box Office Breakdown

Surging past the $100 million mark after just its second weekend, The Equalizer 3 boasts a global collection of $107.6 million. This impressive sum is split between $61.8 million from American cinemas and $45.8 million from international screens.

Although the film saw a 65% dip in its second weekend, slightly steeper than the 61% drop The Equalizer 2 experienced in 2018, the numbers remain robust.

“The new movie, which serves as Washington’s last as the character, features McCall facing off against the mafia in Southern Italy in order to protect people he cares about.”

How Does The Latest Installment Stack Up?

A quick glance back: the first movie in Fuqua’s action-packed trilogy concluded with a worldwide haul of $192.9 million. Its successor was hot on its heels, raking in just over $190.3 million. These figures, when juxtaposed against their production budgets of $55 million and $77 million respectively, highlight the franchise’s profitability for Sony Pictures.

The performance trajectory of The Equalizer 3 hints at another win for Sony. The audience’s verdict is evident from Rotten Tomatoes, where the film proudly wears a 94% approval rating.

“It’s still early days, but, considering its performance thus far, Fuqua’s latest sequel is very likely to be a success for Sony.”

What Lies Ahead for The Equalizer 3?

As weekends roll on, box office analysts and fans alike will be observing whether The Equalizer 3 can match or surpass its predecessors’ earnings. Given the current momentum and its reception, the upcoming weekend could be pivotal in setting the stage for the film’s enduring success.

In conclusion, while Denzel Washington might be hanging up McCall’s gloves, the legacy of The Equalizer series, with its potent blend of action and emotion, seems set to live on in cinematic history.