Devin Booker’s GTA 6 Rumor Debunked: The Truth Behind Suns Star’s Viral Story

The Viral Misinformation About Devin Booker and GTA 6

This week, the internet was abuzz with a sensational rumor involving Phoenix Suns’ star Devin Booker and the eagerly awaited Grand Theft Auto 6. Reports claimed that Booker would be featured as a playable character in the upcoming video game. However, this story, as intriguing as it was, has been confirmed as false.

The source of this rumor was NBA Centel, an outlet known for its satirical content and imitation of the popular NBA news source, NBA Central. NBA Centel, which often posts fabricated news, including misleading quotes and out-of-context videos, was responsible for spreading this baseless claim.

In its now-debunked tweet, NBA Centel cited @GTA6Intel and included an image of Booker with an assault rifle. However, it was quickly established that the tagged account had no information supporting the claim about Booker’s involvement in GTA 6.

According to a new leak. Devin Booker is rumored to be a playable character in GTA 6.


(Via @GTA6Intel)

— NBAĆentel (@TheNBACentel) November 20, 2023

The Truth Behind the Rumor

This false headline emerged shortly after Booker was seen arriving at a game in a Suns-themed 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air on November 10. While Booker is known for his love of vintage cars, his supposed appearance in GTA 6 is nothing more than a fabricated story.

Devin Booker knows how to make an entrance ????‍????????

— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) November 11, 2023

Devin Booker’s Impressive Performance with the Suns

Turning our attention to the real world of basketball, Devin Booker has been making significant waves as a playmaker for the shorthanded Suns. Despite the absence of a traditional point guard and Bradley Beal sidelined with a lower back strain, Booker has excelled in initiating the Suns’ offense.

In his first five games, Booker recorded two games with double-digit assists, including a career-high 15 assists during the Suns’ 131-128 NBA In-Season Tournament victory over the Utah Jazz. Currently, he is averaging an impressive 9.8 assists per game, which is a substantial increase from his previous career-high of 6.8 assists per game.

Reflecting on the Suns’ offensive prowess, Booker highlighted their strategy: “Just punishing defenses and making them pay for over-helping or just any type of defense they throw at us, I feel like we have an answer,” he stated.

Kevin Durant, Booker’s co-star, also praised his playmaking: “It was just so effortless. He wasn’t hunting assists. He was just playing in the flow of the game. He played like a perfect point guard,” Durant remarked.

Booker’s enhanced playmaking skills haven’t come at the expense of his other stats. He is also posting career-highs in points (28.8 ppg), rebounds (5.6 rpg), and three-pointers made (2.8 3pg), with impressive shooting percentages across the board. If he maintains his health, Booker is on track for an outstanding season.

Setting the Record Straight

In summary, while the rumor of Devin Booker featuring in GTA 6 has been debunked, the real story lies in his exceptional performance on the basketball court. Booker continues to prove his worth as a key player for the Phoenix Suns, demonstrating that sometimes, reality is more impressive than fiction.

Devin Booker’s GTA 6 Rumor Debunked: The Truth Behind Suns Star’s Viral Story