Dragon Ball Watch Order 2023: The Correct Order to Watch Every DB Episode, Filler, Movie, and OVA [Guide]

A Love Letter to Dragon Ball

We’ve all been there—stumbling upon an episode of Dragon Ball Z as kids and being instantly hooked. If you’re anything like me, you didn’t even know what anime was at the time; you just knew this was some intense, high-flying action you couldn’t look away from.

“Believe me, I watched Dragon Ball Z, and I didn’t even know that there was a series before that titled Dragon Ball, which featured Goku’s adventures as a kid. I learned of that much later,” says every other fan of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Don’t sweat it; you’re not alone. This article will be your ultimate roadmap to the Dragon Ball universe.

Unlock the Dragon Ball Universe in 2023: The Only Guide You’ll Need to Master Every Saga

The Dragon Ball Universe Decoded

What started as a manga series has now evolved into a whopping 807 episodes, numerous sagas, movies, and even OVAs.

“The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most popular anime franchises in the world; it’s literally the show that brought worldwide recognition to the anime industry.”

In case you’re one of the ‘skipped-a-few-episodes-here-and-there’ types, this is your cue to delve right back in.

Unveiling the Dragon Ball Series in Sequential Bliss

For those who like to do things by the book, here’s your must-follow list:

Dragon Ball (1986)
Dragon Ball Z (1989-1996)
Dragon Ball GT (1996-1997)
Dragon Ball Kai (2009-2011)
Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters (2014-2015)

Dragon Ball Super (2015-2018)

Unlock the Dragon Ball Universe in 2023: The Only Guide You’ll Need to Master Every Saga

Canon and the Grey Areas

Dragon Ball GT, although critically acclaimed for its animation, isn’t considered canon.

“However, I recommend you watch it because it features one of the most popular Super Saiyan forms ever!”

Dragon Ball Kai, on the other hand, is a remastered version of Dragon Ball Z with lesser filler material. A wise fan would tell you to not miss the Majin Buu Saga covered in Dragon Ball Kai: The Final Chapters.

Movie Madness

The Dragon Ball movies aren’t entirely canonical but they bring a different flair to the franchise.

“Starting from Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, all movies are canon, and you should watch them!”

Whether it’s the vintage allure of Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies or the modern-day spectacle of Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, there’s something for everyone.

Chronological Challenge

If you’re the daredevil type who loves tackling timelines, then watching Dragon Ball in chronological order is your Everest. Although not recommended due to minor inconsistencies, the chronological order covers everything from the Dragon Ball episodes to every movie in the closest timeline possible.

Just Stick to the Script: The Canon Order

For those purists who like their Saiyans untainted by non-canon adventures, here’s your go-to guide:

Dragon Ball – All Episodes
Dragon Ball Z or Kai – Until the end of the Frieza Saga
Dragon Ball Z: Bardock – The Father of Goku (TV Special)
Dragon Ball Super – All Episodes
Dragon Ball Super: Broly (Movie)
Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero (Movie)

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The Final Word

If this article does its job well, you should be prepped and ready to journey through the entire Dragon Ball series like never before. Whether you’re a newbie or looking for a nostalgic trip down memory lane, this guide aims to serve all.

“For now, this is all the info I can give you. I hope that you will use this Dragon Ball watch order guide to make yourself familiar with one of the most epic, most popular, and best anime series out there.”