Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Makes Explosive WWE Comeback After 4 Years, Ex Champ Austin Theory Gets The People’s Elbow

Friday night at Denver’s Ball Arena was no ordinary night for WWE Smackdown fans. The air was filled with energy and excitement, and little did they know, the surprise awaiting them would make it a night to remember for years.

As the lights dimmed and an all too familiar tune echoed across the Ball Arena, fans couldn’t believe their ears. The unmistakable beats of “Electrifying” began to fill the venue, hinting at the colossal surprise the organizers had in store. And then, stepping out from the shadows, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appeared, marking his return to the WWE after a near four-year hiatus.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement. The arena resonated with roaring cheers and countless cell phone flashes, all trying to capture the historic moment. After all, the last time this wrestling legend had stepped into the WWE ring was way back in October 2019.

Ringside Confrontations

No one was more surprised by The Rock’s sudden appearance than former WWE U.S. Champion Austin Theory and ex-NFL star turned WWE entertainer, Pat McAfee. The two were in the midst of a heated exchange when the electrifying superstar decided to jump into the fray.

????????????@TheRock is here!!!!!!!#SmackDown pic.twitter.com/f9L07kvw1Y

— WWE (@WWE) September 16, 2023

Tensions escalated as The Rock went toe to toe with Theory, engaging in a fierce war of words. But the real shocker came when Johnson managed to sway the entire crowd into a chant, collectively calling out Theory as an “a**hole.”

This verbal jousting soon turned physical. While Theory managed to land a few good hits, Johnson wasn’t to be overshadowed. Displaying his signature moves, he quickly delivered a spinebuster, sending Theory crashing to the canvas.

The People’s Elbow Strikes Again

With the crowd at the edge of their seats, The Rock didn’t keep them waiting. Showcasing his legendary finishing move, the “people’s elbow,” he ensured that Theory would remember this encounter for a long time.


A People’s Elbow from @TheRock AND @PatMcAfeeShow!!!#SmackDown pic.twitter.com/5mOQPETZrF

— WWE (@WWE) September 16, 2023

The outcome? Theory was down and out, and The Rock stood tall, proving that he hadn’t lost a bit of his charisma and fighting prowess.

In Conclusion

The Rock’s surprise comeback to the WWE is a testament to his evergreen charisma and the indelible mark he’s left on the wrestling world. With such an explosive return, fans are undoubtedly excited and eager to see what’s next for this WWE legend. One thing’s for sure, though: *The Rock is back, and he’s here to stay!*

Source: TMZ