Ed Helms Spills Behind-The-Scenes Secret of His Missing Tooth in ‘The Hangover’ Throwback

The Truth Behind Stu’s Missing Tooth: Ed Helm’s Dental Saga

In one of the most unforgettable cinematic moments of 2009, Stu, portrayed by Ed Helms in “The Hangover,” awakens from an intense Vegas adventure to discover a significant part of his smile missing. Now, more than a decade later, Helms is spilling the beans on what really happened behind that iconic scene.

A Secret From Helms’ Childhood

Bringing nostalgia to his millions of fans, Ed Helms took to Instagram to share a captivating childhood photo, showcasing a boyish grin interrupted by a conspicuous gap. The image, accentuated by Helms in glasses and braces, highlighted the very spot that would later become a talking point in “The Hangover.”

“Stumbled on this old photo ????,” the actor reminisced in the post, answering the question that’s been on fans’ minds since the movie’s release.

“Everyone always asks me if I actually removed my tooth for The Hangover. The answer is, kind of?” Helms shared. He further elaborated on his dental journey, explaining the absence of his adult tooth during his early years, which was replaced by a “permanent implant” at 16.

Crafting the Perfect “Nerdy Hillbilly” Look

The process of getting Stu’s signature look wasn’t as impromptu as some might think. Helms recalled how the distinct “nerdy hillbilly” appearance, post self-tooth extraction, was crafted during a pre-production conversation with Todd Phillips, the director of “The Hangover.”


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“I mentioned that I had an implant with a crown on it,” Helms wrote. After consultation with his dentist, it was decided: “We can take the crown off that implant and leave you a nice big gap. Then we just put a new crown on it when you’re done.”

In his typical humorous vein, Helms couldn’t resist poking fun at his younger self’s eyewear, quipping, “And yes, I wore serial killer glasses as a child,” likely alluding to Jeffrey Dahmer’s infamous aviators.

The Hangover: An Undying Legacy

The comedic brilliance of “The Hangover” didn’t just rely on Helms’ dental adventures. With a stellar cast including Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha, and others, the film took both the box office and critics by storm. Its immense success led to two more sequels, solidifying its position as one of the most iconic comedy franchises of the modern era.

In the sea of comedic films, “The Hangover” has cemented its legacy, with Ed Helms’ tale of his missing tooth adding another layer of authenticity and humor to its storied history.

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