Emma Stone’s Latest Masterpiece ‘Poor Things’ Is About to Smash Her Own Rotten Tomatoes Record: Here’s Why You Should Care

Emma Stone and Yorgos Lanthimos: A Symbiotic Silver Screen Success

Emma Stone, an Academy Award-winning actress, has made her triumphant return to the silver screen in the much-anticipated dark comedy, “Poor Things.” This film not only reunites her with Yorgos Lanthimos after the critically acclaimed “The Favourite” but also thrusts her into the limelight as a potential Academy Award contender. Remember “Cruella”? Stone has ventured far beyond the villainous origins of Disney’s iconic character in her recent endeavors, setting a new benchmark for her own illustrious career.

The Story that Stole Venice Film Festival

“Based on Alasdair Gray’s 1992 novel, Stone has been cast as Bella Baxter, a character who embarks on a journey of self-discovery, having been resurrected in a Frankenstein-esque twist of fate. While December awaits its theatrical release, the film has already been hailed a masterpiece at the Venice Film Festival 2023.

A Triumph on Rotten Tomatoes

Post its Venice debut, “Poor Things” now boasts a flawless 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, marking Stone’s highest score on the renowned film review aggregator. This is no small feat, considering the film has already garnered nearly 40 reviews. Should this score maintain its trajectory, it may surpass “The Favourite”, previously Stone’s top-rated film at 93%.

In the gallery of Stone’s critically appreciated works, “La La Land” and “Birdman” both tie with a commendable 91%, bearing testimony to Stone’s consistent delivery of cinematic excellence.

From “Superbad” to “Masterpiece”

While Stone has roots in comedic roles, from “Superbad” to “Zombieland”, it was evident early on that she was destined for a varied and distinguished filmography. Her venture into divergent roles post “The Amazing Spider-Man” series signaled her readiness for more layered and unconventional performances.


“Poor Things” has garnered praise not just for its unconventional storytelling but predominantly for Stone’s impeccable portrayal of Bella. Early reactions have not shied away from dubbing the film a “masterpiece.” Given the peculiarities and challenges of her role, intertwined with elements from the Frankenstein lore, Stone’s performance has clearly struck a chord.

Stone and Lanthimos: The Journey Continues

If “Poor Things” is any indicator, the collaboration between Stone and Lanthimos is far from over. The duo has demonstrated a unique synergy that transcends typical actor-director dynamics. As they look forward to future collaborations, one thing is clear: the world of cinema can expect more groundbreaking content from this formidable pair.