Euphoria Season 3 Production Halted: Will Zendaya Exit The Show?

According to the latest reports, Zendaya is the reason behind Euphoria’s season 3 release delay and why the new season hasn’t even started filming yet. Euphoria season 2 came out in August 2022.

Euphoria is one of HBO’s most popular series

Euphoria is one of the most popular drama series on HBO right now. The show is popular among teens and adults alike, primarily because of its meme-worthy scenes, controversial storyline, use of explicit material, and its star-studded cast.

Directed and produced by Sam Levinson, the Zendaya-led drama follows the lives of high school students as they deal with love, loss, addiction, and trauma

Euphoria season 3 delayed

According to Variety, Euphoria’s Season 2 finale pulled in a whopping 16.3 million viewers — the second highest viewing figures of an HBO series over the past 18 years after Game of Thrones, which saw 19.4 million tune-in on the night of its Season 8 finale back in 2019.

And just when you thought it couldn’t possibly get much better, Euphoria has also smashed a Twitter record. It is the most tweeted TV show of the decade, per Twitter.

While the production team for the show has confirmed that Euphoria has been renewed for another season, fans will be disappointed to learn that Season 3 won’t be out anytime soon.

Why Is Euphoria Season 3 Taking So Long?

The Euphoria cast have received big roles

Euphoria Season 3 was scheduled to commence filming by February 2023. The delayed filming may be disappointing, as there was already a sizable gap between season 2 and the initially anticipated February filming date. Back then, it was estimated that Euphoria wouldn’t hit screens until early 2024, but that date will likely be pushed back to late 2024 now. As a result, some may question why the season is taking so long. There are a couple of potential reasons, with the likeliest being the busy schedules of its cast.

Zendaya is the reason for season 3 being delayed


The past couple of years has seen Zendaya’s career skyrocket. The actress has her plate full as she’s occupied with various projects.
Euphoria season 3 couldn’t begin filming last year because she was shooting Dune: Part Two up until December. Additionally, her film Challengers is still in post-production, which likely demanded even more of her time as she is also a producer.

Euphoria’s success has also boosted other stars, including Apatow, Sydney Sweeney, Jacob Elordi, and Hunter Schafer, who have all landed some big roles outside the show. Hence, getting filming to accommodate all varying schedules is likely tricky.

Another factor that may contribute to Euphoria season 3’s delay is the pressure given its acclaim. Apatow indicated that the cast has not yet received scripts and was largely being kept in the dark about season 3. This may indicate that creator and writer Sam Levinson is taking extra time to ensure the next season lives up to expectations. While Euphoria season 3 may seem like a long way away, the delay may be necessary to accommodate the cast and the goals of the season.

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Euphoria Season 3 Production Halted: Will Zendaya Exit The Show?