Genshin Impact’s Triple Banner Drama: What’s Next for Players?

If you’ve been navigating the world of Teyvat lately, there’s a good chance you’ve felt the pinch of Genshin Impact’s Primogem economy. The cascade of new five-star characters makes it a growing challenge, especially for F2P (Free-to-Play) players. These dedicated fans often find themselves in the difficult position of choosing just one five-star character to save for, given the increasing rarity of Primogems. And unless you’re delving into your wallet to purchase Welkin Moon, the Battle Pass, or Genesis Crystals, these treasured in-game resources remain elusive.

“With how many five-stars are coming out, it’s only going to be longer and longer until Genshin Impact fans see some reruns, like what happened with Eula. This is a serious problem for F2P players who can’t save for more than one five-star at a time.”

The conundrum deepens when considering the potential for triple banners. As the Genshin roster expands year by year, there’s a looming danger of over-saturation, especially if Primogem sources don’t expand in tandem.

The Murmurs of Triple Banners: A Blessing or a Curse?

Triple banners could drastically affect the way players allocate their Primogems. As they stockpile these valuable resources for their favorite characters, the last thing they’d expect is for all their sought-after banners to appear simultaneously. The conundrum: where to spend and where to save? The more banners, the harder these choices become.

“With the threat of triple banners coming to the game, Genshin Impact Primogems may become more precious than ever.”

A glimmer of hope has emerged, though, in the form of a solution circulating within the Genshin community: limited birthday banners. Notably, this isn’t a novel idea for developer HoYoVerse, having previously incorporated it in Tears of Themis. By aligning banners with character birthdays, players can strategically plan their Primogem spending without being blindsided.

For instance, remember the agonizing wait for Eula’s banner? After an almost two-year hiatus since November 2021, she finally made a comeback in July 2023. If the birthday banner system were in place, such prolonged absences could be circumvented, making for a more player-friendly experience.

Addressing the Four-Star Conundrum

While the five-star banner situation is tricky, four-star characters also need a space in the limelight. One proposed solution is offering these characters at discounted rates in Paimon’s Bargains shop. Think about the likes of Lisa, Amber, and Kaeya, for starters. However, there’s another avenue for four-stars: heightened rates on five-star birthday banners or even the Standard Banner. Given time, every four-star is destined to find a place on the Standard Banner.

The Primogem Challenge: More Than Just Banners

Despite potential solutions for character accessibility, the Primogem crisis persists. New game versions typically provide over 10k Primogems through various in-game activities. Yet, players unwilling or unable to fully explore and max out nations’ reputations might miss out on substantial Primogem rewards. While achieving 100% completion offers tools like the Oculi compass and treasure compass, the time investment is significant, a factor that might deter some players.

Genshin Impact: A Gacha Odyssey

For the uninitiated, Genshin Impact is a captivating open-world RPG developed by HoYoverse (formerly known as miHoYo). Launched on September 28, 2020, the game has captured the hearts of many with its intricate blend of RPG mechanics, action-packed gameplay, and the intriguing element interaction system. Available on multiple platforms, including mobile, PC, and PlayStation, Genshin continues to evolve, presenting both delightful surprises and challenging dilemmas for its global player base.

Whether you’re a seasoned Genshin veteran or a curious newcomer, the shifting landscape of banners and the ongoing Primogem debate is sure to keep the community buzzing. One thing’s for certain: Teyvat’s journey is far from over, and its future remains as mysterious and enchanting as the world itself.

Genshin Impact’s Triple Banner Drama: What’s Next for Players?