Goblin Slayer Season 2: Release in October 2023, Everything You Need to Know

Hold onto your swords and prepare your battle spells, anime enthusiasts, because Goblin Slayer is returning to your screens this October! With the legacy of a violently intense first season, this dark fantasy anime is rolling out its second season, and we’ve got all the gritty details for you—from its upcoming release date to the bone-chilling new trailer.

The Grisly Wait is Over: Season 2’s Official Announcement

Goblin Slayer

While Kumo Kagyu, the creative mind behind the source material, has yet to give a specific release date, the official Twitter/X account for the anime didn’t leave fans hanging for long.

The tweet confirmed that “Goblin Slayer Season 2″ will be hitting the airwaves in October 2023. To spice things up, a harrowing trailer was also unleashed, promising more brutal battles against the detestable goblins.

Leveling Up: The Production House Behind the Carnage

Taking up the production reins for Season 2 is Linden Films, the same studio that has been responsible for adapting other dark anime classics like Berserk, Tokyo Revengers, and Call Of The Night. Judging by their track record, one can expect the new episodes to be visually stunning and emotionally taxing. This dynamic studio’s involvement only raises the bar higher for what is already a much-anticipated sequel.

New Allies, Old Grudges: What’s in Store for Goblin Slayer & His Crew?

Fans of the series will remember that our grim-faced protagonist is accompanied by a colorful group of adventurers—each with their unique skill sets.

The latest trailer shows that the Goblin Slayer is still very much on his quest for vengeance, hacking his way through a never-ending sea of green pests. However, it also suggests that our Slayer is beginning to grasp that maybe—just maybe—life has more to offer than an endless vendetta against goblin-kind. But rest assured, the body count will continue to rise as the new season promises “plenty more blood to be spilled from these abominable creatures.”

【NEWS】GOBLIN SLAYER Season 2 – New Anime Key Visual!

The anime is scheduled for 2023. pic.twitter.com/zVdrzdwuRc

— Anime Trending (@AniTrendz) March 25, 2023

Crunchyroll or Bust: Where to Watch the Return of the Slayer?

Although the official airing platforms have yet to be announced, it’s a safe bet that Crunchyroll will continue to be the online haven for fans, especially considering the first season and its sequel movie, “Goblin’s Crown,” were both available on the platform.

A Unique Gem in a Sea of Stereotypes

Goblin Slayer has undoubtedly captivated global audiences with its unique approach to the dark fantasy genre. Instead of riding the wave of clichés, the series has its hero—known by various names like Orc Bolg and Beard Cutter—hell-bent on eliminating goblins, which are often dismissed as mere nuisances by other adventurers in this world.

After witnessing the devastation of his village by these vile creatures, our hero is fueled by a singular goal: to annihilate every last one of them.

Goblin Slayer

Concluding Thoughts: To Slay or Not To Slay?

With its impending release, “Goblin Slayer Season 2” is setting the stage to take the anime world by storm all over again. It continues to break the mold with its chillingly brutal scenes and a protagonist who is anything but a typical fantasy hero. The new season will further explore the Slayer’s evolving perspectives on life and violence, all while not skimping on the goblin gore that fans have come to crave.

So, mark your calendars for this October and prepare yourselves for a darker, bloodier, and possibly even more philosophical season of Goblin Slayer. It’s going to be an unforgettable ride!