‘He Loved Playing a Grandfather’: Director Tim Brown on Nicolas Cage’s Role in ‘The Retirement Plan’ and His Draw to Comedy

When seasoned directors and one-of-a-kind actors come together, the world of cinema often witnesses pieces that are nothing short of masterpieces. This is precisely what we are expecting from Tim Brown’s much-anticipated movie, The Retirement Plan. At the helm of the project is the iconic actor, Nicolas Cage, who steps into a role that allows him to embrace aging in the most beautiful way possible – by becoming a grandfather on the big screen. And from what we hear, he is loving every bit of it!

A Grandfatherly Role That Nicolas Cage Instantly Fell For

Taking up a role that paints him a decade older wasn’t just a daring choice for the actor, but one that intrigued him. In a candid chat with a source, Tim Brown revealed that Cage was not just drawn to the script but was excited at the prospect of playing a grandfather in the movie.

“He loved the idea of playing a grandfather and playing a bit older than his own age. So he liked the idea of being aged up, and that was pretty much it,” shares Brown, giving us a glimpse of the actor’s willingness to embrace a character offering a fresh perspective at a different stage of life.

The “Nic Cage Spice”

Nicolas Cage has undoubtedly carved out a niche for himself in the cinematic universe, with the special ‘Nic Cage spice’ he brings to each role. According to Brown, Cage’s “phenomenal” comic ability is a trait that might not have received the acclaim it truly deserves.

“I don’t know if he ever gets enough credit for being a tremendous comic actor because he does so much drama and action, but his comic ability is phenomenal,” remarks Brown, emphasizing the multi-faceted talents Cage brings to the table.

The City of Angels actor’s knack for improvisation also played a pivotal role in shaping the character, adding an unplanned but brilliant layer to the portrayal. Brown admitted to feeling lucky that Cage brought his signature ‘Nic Cage-ism’ to the role, a unique blend of skill and style that elevates every scene he graces.

An Unforgettable Balcony Scene

Filmmaking is a meticulous process, where each day can bring forth memorable moments that stay with the creators for a lifetime. For Brown, one such day was when they shot the balcony scene, a moment that transcended the script to offer an authentic and heartfelt interaction between Cage and his on-screen daughter, portrayed by Ashley Greene.

Reflecting on that day, Brown recounted how Cage suggested dropping a scripted line to share a genuine expression instead. It was a sheepish laugh, a simple yet powerful response, that now stands as Brown’s highlight of the film.

“It was something that only he can do, and to this day, it’s the highlight of the film for me, because it shows how great he is at doing nothing except a little expression. It just added so much to it,” shared an enthusiastic Brown, cherishing the magic Cage brought to the scene with his spontaneous act.

Expectations Soar for The Retirement Plan

As stories from the set continue to generate a buzz, the expectations for The Retirement Plan are sky-rocketing. Whether it is Cage’s unprecedented take on comedy, his improvisational genius, or his refreshing take on a grandfather’s role, every detail beckons movie enthusiasts to mark their calendars for the release date.

Nicolas Cage’s captivating portrayal of a grandfather promises not just laughter and entertainment but a beautiful narrative infused with the warm theme of family running throughout. With Cage’s magic dust sprinkled all over, Tim Brown’s directorial venture is shaping up to be a heartwarming film that brings family and comedy to the forefront.

As we gear up to witness the fascinating journey of a retired assassin navigating the ebbs and flows of life with a twist of comedy, one thing is clear – Nicolas Cage in The Retirement Plan is all set to redefine cinematic brilliance, one grandfatherly gesture at a time.