Hell’s Paradise Manga Review: Is the Manga Worth Reading in 2023? How Many Chapters Does it Have?

In the world of manga and anime, few titles have garnered as much attention recently as Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku. Created by the gifted Yuji Kaku, this tour de force has amassed a cult following for its intriguing storyline and complex characters. Its unique cocktail of horror, action, and fantasy is unlike anything else out there. New fans are often left pondering—just how many volumes are in this riveting series? As it happens, we’ve got all the information you’re thirsting for.

Yuji Kaku: The Mastermind Behind Hell’s Paradise

Hell’s Paradise

First surfacing in the hallowed pages of Weekly Shōnen Jump in 2018, Yuji Kaku launched a narrative voyage that begins with Gabimaru, a man criminalized and condemned. A fantastical quest for an elixir of immortality propels Gabimaru and a band of equally damned souls to a perilous island—a crucible of mortal danger. The series has been heralded for its narrative maturity and the intricacies of its world-building.

It follows the story of Gabimaru, a convicted criminal who, along with other convicted criminals, is sent to an island to find the elixir of life, and his journey to survive in a world filled with danger and death.

The Stats: A Complete Manga Saga You Can Binge-Read!

If you’ve been addicted to the Hell’s Paradise anime series, your next logical step is diving into the manga. And the good news? It’s a completed work! That’s right, no agonizing waits for the next chapter to drop. You can now gorge yourself on the entire saga in a short span.

The series has also been adapted into an anime television series that premiered in April 2023. So, this is the perfect time to pick up the manga series and start reading!

In the world of Hell’s Paradise, you’ve got 13 meaty volumes to consume, which are packed with a total of 127 chapters. The first tome hit the shelves on April 4, 2018, with six chapters. The creators made fans salivate by releasing a new volume approximately every 3-4 months. This rhythm culminated in the final volume—Volume 13, which saw daylight on April 30, 2021, closing the saga with its last 11 chapters.

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Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku
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The Ideal Reading Order for an Unforgettable Journey

You’d be doing yourself a disservice by skimming through Hell’s Paradise or jumping volumes. The chronology matters here. Starting with Volume 1 and cruising through to Volume 13 is the way to go. Each piece of the narrative jigsaw complements the other, with character arcs and plot twists meticulously constructed.

Hell’s Paradise

The Raw, The Graphic, and The Mature

Just a word of caution—this is no child’s play. Hell’s Paradise goes heavy on mature themes like violence, gore, and sexual content.

The Hell’s Paradise manga contains mature content and themes, including violence, gore, and sexual content. Therefore, it is recommended for mature readers only.

The Grand Summation

Hell’s Paradise is no passing fad—it’s an intricately designed world that presents a banquet of complexities. Whether you’re a grizzled veteran of manga fandom or a newbie dipping your toes into this fascinating universe, Hell’s Paradise: Jigokuraku offers a buffet of adrenaline-pumping action, profound morality, and intricate storytelling. It’s no wonder this series has captured the collective imaginations of both critics and fans alike.

So, there it is. Hell’s Paradise stands tall with its 13 volumes of unforgettable escapades, offering a rollercoaster ride through a haunting, fantastical world. It’s an adventure that promises to leave you at the edge of your seat, questioning the very fabric of humanity.