Here’s Why Dr. Stone Season 3 English Dub Is the Anime Event You Can’t Afford to Miss

Anime fans, mark your calendars and get ready for a stone-cold stunner because Dr. Stone Season 3 is dropping its English Dub this April 20, 2023! This is no ordinary news; this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for. From the intricate blend of science fiction and adventure to the exhilarating storyline that keeps you at the edge of your seat, Dr. Stone has it all.
“But what’s so special about this upcoming season?” you ask. Let’s jump right into this thrilling universe and explore why Dr. Stone’s latest season is the talk of the anime town.

“Brace Yourself for a Thrilling Ride”: The Storyline Unraveled

Dr Stone

So you think you know what post-apocalyptic worlds look like? Try adding a dose of rock-hard science to the mix! Penned by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by South Korean artist Boichi, the Dr. Stone manga turned anime series is a game-changer. The anime is produced by industry heavyweights TOHO Animation, Shueisha, and 8PAN, and comes from the creative confines of TMS Entertainment. Each episode runs for an absorbing 20-25 minutes of sheer brilliance.
The premise kicks off with a blinding light petrifying all of humanity. High-schoolers Taiju and Senku wake up to a world where everyone’s become a statue. But don’t fret, Senku’s got science up his sleeves, and he’s planning on rebooting civilization. I mean, talk about a grand plan!

He has a big plan: to use scientific knowledge to jumpstart society.

Battle-Ready: What to Expect in Season 3

The upcoming season promises to showcase your favorite characters embarking on new quests and facing nerve-wracking challenges. The anticipation can be felt across the anime community.

Fans can expect to see their favorite characters back in action, facing new challenges and adventures in this beloved anime series.

Where’s the Popcorn? Where to Watch this Anime Masterpiece

As the global fanbase gears up for D-Day (that’s Dr. Stone day, folks!), everyone’s wondering where they can join in on the action. Well, Crunchyroll and Funimation are your go-to platforms. Both streaming services are well-regarded treasure troves for not just Dr. Stone, but an array of timeless anime.

How it started vs how it’s going ????????

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Meet the Voices Behind the Characters

We’ve got a star-studded cast here to breathe life into your favorite characters:

Asagiri, Gen: Kawanishi, Kengo / McInnis, Brandon
Chrome: Satou, Gen / Shipman, Matt
Ishigami, Senkuu: Kobayashi, Yuusuke / Dismuke, Aaron
Kohaku: Numakura, Manami / Angelle, Felecia
Nanami, Ryuusui: Suzuki, Ryouta / Chapin, Clifford

Episodes to Watch Out For

You might as well clear your schedule, because you’re going to be glued to your screen for the next couple of months. Here’s a sneak peek into the episode guide:

Episode 1: New World Map (Apr 20, 2023)
Episode 2: Greed Equals Justice (Apr 27, 2023)
Episode 3: First Contact (May 04, 2023)

Dr Stone

Critics Are Raving: Why Dr. Stone is a Must-See

Dr. Stone isn’t just another anime series; it’s a phenomenon that’s taken the world by storm.

In my opinion, Dr. Stone is the best anime I have ever seen, and I express my gratitude to the entire team for creating a masterpiece.

Dr. Stone is particularly appealing to science lovers, as it incorporates science-based themes throughout the plot.

Get Ready to be Petrified… In a Good Way!

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to why Dr. Stone Season 3’s English Dub is going to be a smash hit. Whether you’re a newbie looking to get into anime or a seasoned otaku, Dr. Stone has something for everyone. And this season promises to deliver the action, the science, and the emotions, all wrapped up in some top-notch animation and stellar voice acting. Are you as excited as we are? The countdown begins now!