Here’s Why No One Can Steal Ichigo’s Bankai in Bleach TYBW

He’s a hybrid sensation with a sword that screams individuality. Ichigo Kurosaki may be a many-faced hero—a Shinigami, a Quincy, and a Hollow all in one—but there’s something special about his Bankai that keeps it off the Quincies’ snatch list. So, what makes Tensa Zangetsu the untouchable diva in the world of Bankais?

The Tangled Web of Ichigo’s Bankai’s Identity

As the son of Isshin Shiba, a former Shinigami captain, and Masaki Kurosaki, a Quincy who took a dive into the Hollow pool (not by choice, mind you), Ichigo inherited a complex tapestry of powers that makes him a spiritual Swiss Army knife. And yes, that also means he’s got Hollow powers lurking inside him.

“His abilities as a Shinigami, Quincy, and Fullbring user are intertwined, giving him an incredible range of techniques to draw upon,”

says the lore, setting the stage for his multi-faceted combat capabilities.

Why No One Can Steal Ichigo’s Bankai in Bleach’s Latest Arc: The Secret Power Mix You Need to Know

When Heritage Plays Cupid With Your Sword

The soul of Ichigo’s sword, Zangetsu, isn’t a one-trick pony; it’s a melting pot of Quincy and Shinigami powers with a dash of Hollow spice. This leads us to the golden nugget—Ichigo’s Bankai is “Quincy powers acting like shinigami abilities, or a mix of the two,” as stated in the Thousand-Year Blood War arc. In simpler terms, you can’t steal what you can’t recognize, and the Quincies are left scratching their heads, or rather, their medallions.

Of Medallions and Mysteries: Quincy Tech Fail

In a world where stealing a Bankai is as strategic as nabbing the opponent’s queen in a chess game, Wandenreich’s Medallion seemed like a game-changer. Enter Ichigo vs. Ebern. Ebern, a self-assured Quincy, whipped out his Medallion in an attempt to extinguish Tensa Zangetsu. What happened? The Medallion flopped.

“The Medallion that Ebern used on Ichigo makes sense that he’d be shocked it didn’t work. For all he knows, Ichigo is a shinigami, so why didn’t the Medallion steal his Bankai?”

ponders the narrative, encapsulating the quandary of the Quincies.

The Real Talk from the Top Brass

Captain Commander Yamamoto initially postulated that Ichigo’s Bankai was unripe, “still had much room to grow and evolve,” but that theory didn’t hold water for long. Yhwach, the Quincy kingpin, clarified:

“The Quincy trying to steal a Shinigami’s Bankai must be stronger than or equal to the Shinigami.”

Why No One Can Steal Ichigo’s Bankai in Bleach’s Latest Arc: The Secret Power Mix You Need to Know

Why All the Hype, Anyway?

Ichigo’s Bankai is an anomaly that defies the spiritual world’s status quo, an extension of his hybrid persona. It’s not purely a Shinigami power, so Quincies with their one-track medallions are left in the dust. And because “it requires a great deal of power and skill” to even steal a regular Bankai, according to Yhwach, stealing Tensa Zangetsu is essentially a pipe dream.

Wrap It Up: A Hybrid Hero for a Hybrid World

Ichigo’s arsenal of abilities makes him not just a formidable foe but also a spiritual enigma. His Bankai, Tensa Zangetsu, is no mere weapon but a testament to the complexity of his heritage—a heritage that keeps his enemies at bay, always one step behind.
So, the next time you tune into Bleach’s upcoming episodes, remember, Ichigo’s Bankai isn’t just unstealable. It’s the ultimate tribute to his intricate, multi-dimensional lineage.