How ‘The Nun II’ Sets the Stage for ‘Conjuring 4’ with Frenchie’s Twist

The Intricate Webs Between “The Nun II” and “The Conjuring” Universe

For fans of “The Conjuring” universe, the connections between films are like Easter eggs, waiting to be found. “The Nun II”, directed by Michael Chaves, offers yet another piece of this intricate puzzle by weaving itself into the chronology of “The Conjuring”. But it’s more than just subtle nods. Chaves confirms some of the theories and leaves others open to the interpretation of dedicated fans.

The Mystery Surrounding Frenchie’s Fate

One of the biggest revelations from the original “The Nun” film from 2018 was the possession of Frenchie (Jonas Bloquet) by the menacing demon Valak. As the sequel progresses, we see Sister Irene’s endeavors to rid him of this demonic force. But did she succeed?

When Michael Chaves spoke to Collider, he shed some light on this matter. “Obviously, in the timeline of The Conjuring, to answer it directly, we think he’s saved at the end of this movie, but we know that later on, before the events of the first Conjuring, but after this movie, he is possessed and it’s a failed exorcism that leads to him taking his life,” he explained.

However, the real twist lies in the ambiguous hints that “The Nun II” provides. According to Chaves, the true state of Frenchie post-rescue is “open to interpretation”. There’s an evident, silent exchange between Irene and Frenchie at the climax. “There’s a look between the two of them at the very end that, I think, says a lot. Watch her eyes! Watch her eyes in the end,” teases Chaves.

The Nun II and Its Direct Link to The Conjuring Series

Subsequent to the end credits, astute viewers would have identified further allusions to “The Conjuring” universe. The infamous paranormal investigator duo, Ed and Lorraine Warren, played by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga, made a brief reappearance in a post-credits scene set in Connecticut. The scene, though brief, hints at a call Ed Warren receives from Father Gordon.

This fleeting moment leads to ample speculation. Could it be a foreshadowing of the plot for the forthcoming “The Conjuring: The Last Rite”? While the narrative specifics for this fourth installment remain under wraps, the recurring menace Valak connects both “The Nun” and “The Conjuring” sagas via Sister Irene and Lorraine.

All of this further fortifies the speculation leading up to “Conjuring 4“. What’s certain is that “The Nun II” has deftly laid some groundwork, with Frenchie anticipated to play a pivotal role in unraveling the larger narrative.


The beauty of “The Conjuring” universe is in its interconnected stories. Each movie adds another layer, deepening the lore and leaving fans craving more. “The Nun II”, with its cryptic hints and unresolved mysteries, ensures that viewers remain engaged, theorizing, and waiting for the next installment with bated breath. The intricate web continues to enthrall, as Michael Chaves and the team masterfully weave together the terrifying tales of the supernatural.