How WWE Legend Kurt Angle Nearly Landed a UFC Contract

The Pivotal Choices of Kurt Angle’s Career

Kurt Angle, renowned as the first Olympic gold medalist to sign with WWE, has had an illustrious nearly three-decade-long career in professional wrestling. His journey, marked by Olympic-level freestyle wrestling skills, has often led to speculation about a potential transition to the UFC. In a recent revealing interview with YouTuber TrueGeordie, Angle discussed his decision to stay away from mixed martial arts despite receiving offers from the UFC.

The UFC Offers That Angle Turned Down

Kurt Angle’s first encounter with the UFC came in 1996, immediately following his Olympic victory. Despite the offer, Angle chose a different path, aligning his future with WWE. Years later, as UFC’s popularity surged, Angle revisited the possibility of joining the mixed martial arts promotion.

Kevin Jackson won gold at the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona.

Five years after winning gold, Jackson competed in the UFC, compiling a record of 2-2.

— MMA History Today (@MMAHistoryToday) February 15, 2018

The 2006 UFC Proposal: A Missed Opportunity

In 2006, Kurt Angle approached UFC President Dana White, expressing his readiness to join. White offered him a spot on “The Ultimate Fighter” alongside Kimbo Slice, promising substantial compensation. Angle recalled, “I was getting ready to do it, and I ended up signing with TNA a week prior.” His commitment to TNA, signed just before finalizing anything with UFC, ultimately led to him turning down the opportunity.

The Impact of Angle’s Neck Injury on His Potential UFC Career

Kurt Angle’s history with neck injuries played a significant role in his decision-making process. Transitioning to the UFC could have exacerbated these issues, potentially diminishing his athletic prowess.

Olympic Gold Medalists in UFC: The What-If Scenario

The question of whether Kurt Angle could have been the first Olympic gold medalist in the UFC is a tantalizing “what if” for fans. While names like Ronda Rousey and Yoel Romero are often mentioned, Henry Cejudo is usually cited as the first UFC fighter with an Olympic gold. However, had Angle accepted the UFC’s 1996 offer, he would have been the first Olympic gold medalist in the organization, preceding both Cejudo and Kevin Jackson, another Olympic gold medalist who fought in the UFC in 1997.

Kurt Angle’s Legacy in Wrestling and Beyond

In the end, Kurt Angle’s decision to remain in professional wrestling rather than transitioning to mixed martial arts has shaped his legacy as one of the most accomplished athletes in wrestling history. His choices reflect the complexities and challenges faced by multi-disciplined athletes when navigating their careers. Despite the speculation and what-ifs, Kurt Angle’s impact on the wrestling world remains indisputable, with his Olympic triumph and WWE achievements defining his storied career.

How WWE Legend Kurt Angle Nearly Landed a UFC Contract