“I’m a lot of things..”: Miley Cyrus Spills the Tea on Exhausting Hannah Montana Schedule: Why Fans Think She Deserves a Break

Miley Cyrus’ Flashback to Hannah Montana Days

Pop icon Miley Cyrus, celebrated for her myriad of hits, recently dropped her new single “Used to be Young.” Though the song received an enthusiastic response from most fans, a few yearned for the melodies of her earlier tracks. Taking this sentiment to heart, Miley revisited the early days of her career, sharing an intimate moment on TikTok where she delved deep into her hectic schedule from her time on Disney’s Hannah Montana.


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A Day in the Life of 12-Year-Old Miley

For those of us who’ve grown up seeing Miley transform on-screen, it’s sometimes easy to forget the grind of her early career. The video she shared gives a glimpse into just one of those days. “Friday, January 5th, 5:30 AM, hair and makeup in my hotel,” she began, providing a minute-by-minute breakdown. By 7:15 AM, young Miley was already on the news, soon followed by back-to-back interviews. The morning whizzed by with meetings, and even an intriguing interview conducted by 5th grade reporters.

The afternoon didn’t let up. Amidst lunch interviews with her dad and recording sessions for special issues, Miley powered through her obligations, culminating in her final engagement at 6:15 PM. But for a star of her magnitude, early starts were the norm, with the following day kicking off at 7 AM.

Her candid revelation showcased not just her packed days, but the undeniable work ethic she possessed even as a child. A sentiment she succinctly captured by saying, “I’m a lot of things, but lazy ain’t one of them.” The respect she garnered from her team was palpable, with off-camera voices commending her unwavering dedication.

Fan Reactions and Miley’s Deserved Break

As Miley playfully remarked about needing an “endless summer vacation,” fans on Reddit chimed in with empathy and understanding. Comments ranged from admiration for her stamina to sympathy for her intense childhood. “That sounds exhausting, I totally understand why she doesn’t want to tour nowadays,” wrote one fan, while another lamented, “Poor thing didn’t get much of a childhood, did she?”

From the whirlwind days of Hannah Montana to her dynamic career now, Miley Cyrus’ journey serves as a reminder of the perseverance and determination behind the scenes of stardom. As for Miley, it seems she’s in agreement with her fans about deserving some respite.

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