Inside the Life of Dana Dokmanovich, Wife of Late NFL Legend Franco Harris

Who is Dana Dokmanovich?

Dana Dokmanovich is the wife of the late Franco Harris, the former National Football League player who was renowned for his legendary performance in “The Immaculate Reception” while playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks.

Dana and Franco had been married for a long time before his death. Although they attended many events as a couple, Dana preferred to keep her private life to herself, which resulted in limited public knowledge about her.

Franco Harris, who was born in Fort Dix, New Jersey on March 7, 1950, was a great contributor to the Steelers and a four-time Super Bowl champion. His iconic “Immaculate Reception” play is still remembered as one of the most significant moments in football history.

Early Life

Dana Dokmanovich was brought to the United States when she was a young kid. Her mom is Bess Dokmanovich, and her father’s name is unknown. There isn’t much to learn from her time in Serbia, as she immigrated at a young age.

As detailed in Blount Jr.’s book, not only was Bess Franco’s mother-in-law, but she also worked as his secretary. During her early schooling years, she attended a school located in her hometown area. It is said that she went to Penn State University to pursue her undergraduate studies.


Sources reported that Dana Dokmanovich had a few different jobs after finishing her studies. Eventually, she held a job as a flight attendant for Eastern Airlines for an extended period of time.

After tying the knot with Franco Harris, she quit her job and devoted her time to her family and their child. On the contrary, Franco Harris was a running back in the National Football League and was on the field for approximately 13 years.

He earned multiple accolades during the games. Furthermore, he was presented with the Pittsburgh Pro Football Hall of Fame award.

Currently, she lives in a gorgeous house with her relatives. She loves tidying up and adorning her house. She has a portion of her husband’s riches.

Dana Dokamanovich & Franco Harris

Franco Harris wed Dana Dokmanovich sometime after they had started seeing each other, although the exact date of their nuptials is not known.

Harris, being very reserved when it comes to his personal life, did not divulge many details about his courtship or the ceremony.

IMDB’s trivia page indicates that Dana and the individual had a long-term relationship before they got married, however, the actual date of their marriage is not public knowledge.


Dana and Franco had their son, Dok, and they all resided in Pittsburgh, including Dana’s mum, Bess Dokmanovich.

Their son, Dok was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He has a keen interest in law and business and took advantage of his education opportunities by studying political economy at Princeton University and later attending the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.

In addition, Dok attended Carnegie Mellon University’s Tepper School of Business. In 2009, Dok contested the Pittsburgh mayoral election, challenging incumbent Mayor Luke Ravenstahl.

How did Franco Harris die?

Harris’ family informed The Associated Press of his demise that had occurred during the night. No cause of death was provided by the kin, and Dokmanovich has yet to make a formal statement concerning the NFL legend’s passing.

Dok, the son of Harris, made known the details of his father’s death to The Associated Press. While Dok did make the announcement, the family declined to offer any personal comments.

Dana Dokmanovich’s Net Worth

The reports suggest that Dana Dokmanovich’s net worth is around one million US Dollars, although the specifics of Dana’s work are not known. She has a sizeable contribution to her husband’s financial success.

Inside the Life of Dana Dokmanovich, Wife of Late NFL Legend Franco Harris