Is John Cena Leaving WWE? New Posts Spark Talk of Ring Retirement

John Cena’s Crown Jewel Conundrum

The WWE universe is rife with speculation and poignant nostalgia as one of its brightest stars, John Cena, faces what could be the twilight of his illustrious career. The recent WWE Crown Jewel event was not only a testament to Cena’s enduring legacy but also a possible prelude to his final bow.

“John Cena was utterly demolished by Solo Sikoa at WWE Crown Jewel.”

Cena’s defeat, described by many as nothing short of a demolition at the hands of Solo Sikoa, has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community. It was an outcome that few anticipated, especially given Cena’s history of resilience and triumph. Yet, the powerhouse Solo Sikoa stood tall, leaving fans and commentators grappling with the ramifications of the match.

Commentary Fuels Retirement Rumors

The air of finality that now surrounds Cena was palpable in the commentary delivered by Michael Cole. His words seemed to echo the sentiments of many fans who are beginning to accept the possibility that Cena’s time in the ring may be drawing to a close.

“Michael Cole described Sikoa as ‘the man who retired John Cena.’”

Cena’s Social Media: A Picture of Farewell?

John Cena’s social media activity has only intensified the discussion regarding his career’s fate. Known for his cryptic Instagram posts, Cena has recently shared two particularly evocative images that fans believe may signal his retirement.

Prior to Crown Jewel, Cena shared an image of David Beckham in his final football match. This gesture was widely interpreted as a nod to his own impending retirement. Following the event, Cena posted yet another symbolic image—this time of Babe Ruth from his last visit to Yankee Stadium, a poignant moment captured by Nat Fein that won a Pulitzer Prize.

“The photo taken by Nat Fein captured Ruth looking out across the stadium, with his number three jersey prominently featured.”


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Reflecting on Cena’s Recent WWE Journey

As whispers of retirement grow louder, it’s worth noting that Cena’s last televised victory in a singles match dates back to April 27th, 2018, against Triple H at the Greatest Royal. Since that triumph, the 16-time World Champion has faced a series of defeats at the hands of formidable opponents like Roman Reigns and The Fiend Bray Wyatt.

“John Cena hasn’t had his hand raised at the end of a singles match since getting the better of Triple H at the Greatest Royal on April 27th, 2018.”

The question on every WWE fan’s mind now is whether Cena’s storied career has indeed reached its culmination. His recent losses, coupled with the symbolic imagery he’s sharing, seem to suggest a wrestler in the midst of his final chapter. However, Cena’s legacy is such that his departure—if it is imminent—will be felt deeply, not just in the WWE but in the hearts of wrestling fans around the world.

Is John Cena Leaving WWE? New Posts Spark Talk of Ring Retirement