Is Klay Thompson Teaming Up With Embiid? The Big Talk After Harden’s Shocking LA Clippers NBA Trade Deal

The NBA’s whirlwind of trades and transfers never seems to slow down, and the latest buzz centers on none other than Klay Thompson. Following the surprise shift of James Harden to the Los Angeles Clippers, a question looms large in the corridors of the Golden State Warriors: Could Klay Thompson be the next big name to switch allegiances?

Unpacking the James Harden Saga

James Harden, the ten-time NBA All-Star, recently became the talk of the town – and not just for his on-court prowess. Harden’s departure to the Clippers was a seismic move that stirred up the league, leaving Philadelphia 76ers’ fans questioning the future. The ripple effects of this unexpected trade have left a noticeable gap in the 76ers’ lineup. Despite commendable performances from Tyrese Maxey and Tobias Harris, alongside the formidable Joel Embiid, the team’s composition feels somewhat incomplete.

Warriors to 76ers Shift?

The Ripple Effect: Thompson’s Possible New Horizon

Enter Klay Thompson. The four-time NBA Champion and one half of the famed Splash Brothers has had his fair share of ups and downs, including a heartbreaking ACL tear injury in 2019. However, his prowess from beyond the arc remains unchallenged. As the whispers around the league grow louder, fans and analysts alike are speculating: could Thompson really leave his decade-long partner, Stephen Curry, for a new beginning with Joel Embiid?

After Harden: Klay’s Turn?

The possibility of Thompson filling the void left by Harden in Philadelphia is not as far-fetched as some might think. Reports concerning Thompson’s contract extension with the Warriors have been hazy at best. As his current contract draws to a close, the Sixers’ cap space and need for a seasoned playoff performer like Thompson could prove to be the perfect storm for a ground-breaking deal.

Klay Thompson’s Stand on His Future

Despite the swirling rumors, Klay Thompson has made his sentiments clear. In a recent conversation reported by NBC Sports, Thompson expressed a deep-rooted desire to remain with the Warriors.

“Absolutely. I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else… To play for one franchise, man? That’s so rare. In any sport… Even what Udonis Haslem did. He’s revered in Miami. Locally. That’s what I cherish.”

Can we really say James Harden is a top 75 player ever without getting bogus foul calls? Without 10 free throws a game, these are his stats so far.

The committee needs to replace him with Klay Thompson.

— Dem Boyz (@cobey3) October 28, 2021

This declaration, however, was made before the Harden trade upheaval. Could the shifting tides of the NBA encourage Thompson to reconsider? Could the prospect of joining forces with Joel Embiid and carving a new legacy be tempting enough to lure him away from the Bay Area?

In Conclusion: Anticipation and Speculation

As we navigate through the currents of conjecture and anticipation, one thing remains certain: the NBA landscape is changing. Whether Klay Thompson decides to embark on a new journey with the 76ers or continues to build his legacy with the Warriors, his decision will have a lasting impact on the league.

Thompson & Embiid Together?

For now, the basketball world watches with bated breath, waiting for the next chapter in this high-stakes game of potential trades. Will Klay Thompson stay true to his one-franchise aspiration, or will the allure of a new challenge in Philadelphia prove irresistible? Only time will tell.

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Is Klay Thompson Teaming Up With Embiid? The Big Talk After Harden’s Shocking LA Clippers NBA Trade Deal