Is Psychic Princess Season 2 Happening? Everything You Need to Know About the Anime’s Return

It’s no secret that Psychic Princess has created waves in the Crunchyroll community. If you’ve been waiting on tenterhooks for an update on the second season, you’re in the right place!

To Renew or Not to Renew

“As of now, it is unknown if the show ‘Psychic Princess’ will be renewed for a second season. Even so, the fans of the show remain hopeful.”

Despite lukewarm ratings and the critics’ indifferent attitudes, the fanbase holds a flicker of hope that a second season will grace our screens.

Psychic Princess

What’s the Big Deal? A Quick Overview

From the mind of Director Li Haoling and produced by Tencent Animation & Comics, Psychic Princess debuted on November 30, 2018, with its 16-episode first season. Known for its intriguing blend of comedy, drama, and romance, the show has captivated audiences and left them craving for more.

Waiting on a Date

Rumors suggest that Psychic Princess Season 2 could possibly land sometime in 2023. But as of now, these whispers haven’t been confirmed. We’re all on standby for that official announcement.

The Tale So Far

“The series tells the tragically beautiful tale of a clairvoyant girl named Qian Yun Xi who is banished from her noble family.”

The intriguing narrative traces the life of Qian Yun Xi, a psychic who’s been isolated due to her unique abilities. She gets thrust back into political and royal intrigues when she’s chosen to marry the rival prince, Ye Youming.

Cast and Characters

Qian, Yun Xi
Sesame Seed
Ye, Youming
Bei, Tang Lìe
Nan, Qingwan
Qian, Aotian
Qian, Yunshang

Psychic Princess Tong Ling Fei (通灵妃) 2018/2019 မြန်မာစာတန်းထိုး HD Link

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— ICE Chinese Series Page (@series_ice) November 6, 2021

What Fans are Saying

“8.0/10 is a respectable IMDb score, and in MyAnimeList, the show has a 7.64/10 average audience score.”

If you’re into mystical elements blended with romance and historical drama, then this anime is a must-watch.

Watch It on Crunchyroll

If you haven’t caught the first season, Crunchyroll is your go-to destination. Trust us; you wouldn’t want to miss this hidden gem.

Is Season 2 in the Making?

We currently don’t have trailers or posters for the upcoming season, but rest assured, we’ll keep you updated as soon as new intel drops.

Psychic Princess


From the latest updates to fan speculations and reviews, this is your one-stop guide for all things Psychic Princess. Stay tuned for more updates, and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments below!