Is ‘That Dirty Black Bag’ Coming Back? What We Know About the Western Drama’s Mysterious Season 2 Release

The Air is Thick with Anticipation for That Dirty Black Bag’s Next Season

No one knows how to pump adrenaline into your veins better than BRON Studios. With its impeccable record of churning out blockbuster TV series, this production powerhouse hit the jackpot once again with “That Dirty Black Bag“. The series premiered on March 10, 2022, and took no time to snag a place in the viewers’ must-watch list.

Hold Your Horses: What’s Brewing in Season 2?

The official word about the release date of the much-anticipated Season 2 of “That Dirty Black Bag” is yet to be released. However, whispers in the industry suggest that the new season could hit your screens sometime in 2023.

Will it be as wild as the rumors? One can only guess. But rest assured, if it continues the legacy of its first season, you’re in for a helluva ride!

Is ‘That Dirty Black Bag’ Coming Back? What We Know About the Western Drama’s Mysterious Season 2

Revisiting the Dust and Drama of Season 1

If you’re just hopping on this rollercoaster, let’s get you up to speed. Season 1 revolves around an 8-day standoff between Arthur McCoy, an about-to-be-sheriff with a mysterious past, and Red Bill, a sadistic bounty hunter who, let’s just say, has a rather unusual “head” for business. Yes, he beheads his victims and stuffs them into—you guessed it—a dirty black bag.

The narrative meanders through a labyrinth of faith, vengeance, and love in a world teeming with bounty hunters, bandits, and bad blood.

The Cast: Old Faces and New Surprises?

The powerhouse ensemble that breathed life into the rugged, dusty world of “That Dirty Black Bag” is expected to return. Dominic Cooper’s McCoy and Douglas Booth’s Red Bill are just a few names that you’d be eager to watch again. Niv Sultan’s portrayal of Eve was nothing short of riveting.

Is ‘That Dirty Black Bag’ Coming Back? What We Know About the Western Drama’s Mysterious Season 2

Buckle Up for More Episodes

While the first season galloped through eight engaging episodes, including gems like “A Head Weighs Less Than a Body” and “The Great Duel,” Season 2 might stick to the same number or perhaps treat fans with more.

I finished ‘That Dirty Black Bag’ last night.
It was good. I recommend.
All the characters were all so different and exactly like they should be.
Good acting, story, and cinematography.
I’m already ready for Season 2.@Brettdasovic you see this yet?

— Raymond G Stanley Jr (@raymondgstanley) January 31, 2023

What The Numbers Say

No conversation about a TV show’s next season is complete without mentioning the ratings, right? The first season of “That Dirty Black Bag” managed to rope in a solid 7.5/10 on IMDb and a 2.5/4 on tilt magazine.

Where To Watch

If you’re late to this party, fret not. You can catch up on all the drama of Season 1 on Amazon Prime Video. For those in the know, AMC Plus also streamed the show, marking it as an official platform for the series.

FAQ Corner: Your Queries Answered

Is That Dirty Black Bag on Netflix?
No, cowboy, you won’t find it on Netflix. It’s exclusively available on Amazon Prime Video.

Where was That Dirty Black Bag Filmed?
The story might unfold in Greenvale, but the actual filming traversed Spain, Italy, and Morocco. The Tabernas Desert in Spain deserves a special shoutout for adding an authentic Western touch.

The Final Verdict

While we don’t have an official trailer to tease Season 2, one thing is certain: “That Dirty Black Bag” has captured the viewers’ imagination.

It’s neither too fast nor too slow; it unravels with pinpoint precision, leaving you yearning for more.

So, while we wait for BRON Studios to officially confirm the return of this thrilling saga, let’s relive the magic of Season 1 and keep those fingers crossed for 2023!

Stay tuned for updates. Until then, you can go ahead and rewatch Season 1 or dive into other recommendations right here on our platform. Yee-haw!