Is The Nun 3 Happening? What We Know About the Next Scary Chapter in the Conjuring Universe

Setting the Scene for The Nun’s Thrilling Return

Here’s a headline that’s sure to give you shivers down your spine: “The Nun 2” is already in theaters. That’s right, the horror saga is back, and it’s looking even more haunting. But hold onto your crucifixes and throw some extra salt over your shoulder because the burning question we’re all asking is, “When will Sister Irene come face-to-face with Valak again?” Let’s delve into the abyss of this bone-chilling cinematic universe.

Is The Nun 3 Happening? What We Know About the Next Scary Chapter in the Conjuring Universe

Conjuring Up Possibilities: What’s Next?

“In France in 1956, a priest is brutally killed, and Sister Irene starts to look into it.”

A synopsis like this has horror junkies leaping for joy. Add in the twist of Maurice being possessed by Valak because he saved Sister Irene in the first movie, and you’ve got the recipe for a Hollywood horror blockbuster. But we can’t stop there; let’s talk about the potential for “The Nun 3.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the next chapter in the Conjuring universe is set to be “Last Rites,” the fourth Conjuring movie, slated for October 2022. With James Wan producing and David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick penning the screenplay, this will undoubtedly be another spine-tingler.

However, the film industry is currently being shaken by WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, meaning we might have to wait a bit longer. With that in mind, is “The Nun 3” in the works?

Is “The Nun 3” More Than Just a Whisper?

At the moment, “The Nun 3” is like Valak itself—still in the shadows, lurking and waiting for the right moment. There’s no official confirmation of a third installment. But given that the Conjuring franchise has been releasing new films at least every two years since its inception in 2013, it’s safe to say we could hear some hair-raising news soon. If patterns continue to follow, the release of “The Nun 3” will likely happen after “The Conjuring: Last Rites.” So, tentatively, mark your cursed calendars for 2025 or beyond.

Is The Nun 3 Happening? What We Know About the Next Scary Chapter in the Conjuring Universe

What Could We Expect from The Nun 3 Plot?

If the franchise continues down its ominous path, we can expect to see more of Sister Irene and Valak. Actress Bonnie Aarons would likely don her demonic habit as Valak, with Jonas Bloquet reprising his role as the troubled Maurice. And speaking of Maurice, it seems like he might have been snatched by a secret pagan group, a plot point teased by the strange sword mark on his neck. Could this group be the ones to summon Valak back to Earth? After all, as we learned in the 2018 film, Valak doesn’t show up without an invitation.

So, Who’s Invited to the Party?

Taissa Farmiga’s Sister Irene might not be a guaranteed RSVP at this point. Although she’s been the driving force in the series, the end-credit scene of “The Nun 2” raises questions about her future involvement. That said, Vera Farmiga (as Lorraine Warren) and Patrick Wilson (as Ed Warren) have their names in the mix, connecting the dots to the wider Conjuring universe.

Eyes Peeled for the Trailer

Don’t frantically refresh your YouTube search for “The Nun 3 trailer” just yet. Since the movie hasn’t even been confirmed, you’re more likely to find an exorcism tutorial than a preview.

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Where to Catch up on All Things ‘Nun’

In the meantime, if you’re dying (figuratively, of course) to catch “The Nun” or any other films in the Conjuring universe, head over to Max (formerly HBO Max). Alternatively, you can rent or purchase these horror gems on Amazon Prime and Apple TV.

Until then, keep those nightlights on and stay tuned for the inevitable announcement that will once again set Sister Irene on a collision course with the malevolent Valak. Are you prepared to be possessed by the next installment?