Is ‘The Nun 3’ Happening? What We Know as Fans Await Valak’s Terrifying Return

As horror fans brace themselves for the chills and thrills that Warner Bros.’ latest installment, “The Nun 2,” promises to deliver, speculation is already rising like mist from a graveyard about the future of this ghastly saga. In an industry where sequels are as surefire as jump scares in a dark room, the question isn’t so much if “The Nun 3” will happen, but rather when and how. So, let’s peel back the layers of suspense and see what’s lurking in the shadows.

Is the Trinity of Terror Complete? Warner Bros. Keeps Fans Guessing

According to the whispers from the corridors of Warner Bros., there’s yet to be an official announcement about the third movie in The Nun series. But hold your rosaries; it’s not all doom and gloom. Current projections are looking more optimistic than a horror fan at a midnight screening.

The Nun 3

“The chances of ‘The Nun 3’ happening come down to how well ‘The Nun 2’ does at the box office. Warner Bros. wants to make money, after all,” suggests an article from Attack of the Fanboy.

And if numbers could speak (or in this case, scream), they would be hollering in delight. Deadline has reported that “The Nun 2” is expected to rake in over $30 million in its opening weekend, putting it in the league of other recent horror sequels like “Insidious: The Red Door,” which debuted to $33 million. With a production budget that hovers between $35 to $40 million, it seems almost inevitable that Valak will be back for another haunting.

Awaiting Valak: The Latest on ‘The Nun 3

Michael Chaves: A Director Rooting for the Sinister

If numbers are Warner Bros.’ bread and butter, then the creative vision is its soul—and director Michael Chaves seems ready to reincarnate Valak for another round.

“There’s a line in the movie: ‘Demons are infinite.’ I like the idea that she’s always been here in different forms,” Chaves told SFX Magazine. “I think that there’s still more stories of Valak the demon nun to be told.”

It’s a perspective that syncs perfectly with the character’s prominence throughout The Conjuring franchise. Whether you think of Valak as a nightmarish painting come to life or the entity that made nuns the stuff of nightmares, there’s no shortage of paths this demon could take to return.

‘The Nun 2’ is just 3 days away.

Releasing 8th September.

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Sealing the Fate: It’s All in Your Hands, Fans

Now, what can the community of fervent horror fans do to guarantee another chapter in this petrifying saga? Simple. Go out there and support “The Nun 2.” Catch it on the big screen, tweet your scream-worthy moments, and get those hashtags trending. Because let’s face it, the best way to summon Valak for a third terrifying go is to make sure “The Nun 2” is a box office hit.

The Mystery of ‘The Nun 3’: What’s the Buzz?

So, as the clock ticks down to the release date of “The Nun 2,” it’s clear that the air is heavy with both anticipation and speculation. Whether or not Warner Bros. officially declares a third installment is yet to be seen, but if the stars (or should we say, spirits?) align, we may just find ourselves praying for salvation from Valak once more. And isn’t that what the horror genre is all about?