‘It was terrifying”- Chloe Grace Moretz Shares Her Experience Filming $84.8 Million Movie

Chloe Grace Moretz is popular for her roles in horror movies like The Amityville Horror, Room 6, and Hallowed Ground. However, her most iconic role has to be Carrie in the 2013 contemporary film adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel of the same name where she played the titular character.

Moretz’s Carrie brought her a lot of praise but she recently revealed that it was one of her most difficult roles to portray. Chloe is no stranger to starring in horror movies but playing Carrie White allowed her to delve deeper into the character.

Chloe Grace Moretz grew attached to Carrie White

Chloe confirmed that playing the role of Carrie White had grown too haunting for her. While Moretz is not a typical method actor, she grew attached to Carrie’s character.

She revealed:

“Whereas with this role, I wanted to try something where I really felt this person all day long, and be in that character from start of the day until end of the day, and change my body and my feelings and my hair and everything to the point where, when I looked in the mirror, all I saw was Carrie. It was very interesting.”

She revealed that Carrie was the first movie she tried method acting because the role was challenging. She said

“It was the first movie I ever did in which I wanted to try method [acting]. You know, trying to really breathe and live in her because she is such a dark character you can’t just cut and be like hee-hawing around.”

Playing Carrie made her feel isolated and alone

Chloe Grace Moretz

Staying as close as she did to the tormented character had intense psychological effects on Moretz. She revealed that playing the movie’s most iconic moments were especially difficult. She told Look –

“This film [Carrie] messes with your head a lot. Filming that scene at the prom, I could hear this hissing and I was like, ‘Oh God, it’s releasing,’ and this huge torrent of blood pours over me, covering my face,”

During the scene, Chloe finds herself in a similar state of mind as Carrie White.

“It was all around me, and then the director cued the kids to laugh at me, and in that moment, I really became Carrie,” she added. “I was so alone. I went back to my trailer at the end of the day, and just sat down and started crying. I’d never felt so alone in my entire life. It was terrifying being in that place.”

Chloe Moretz was able to connect with Carrie White in 1 way


Moretz and Carrie don’t have much in common. Moretz’s childhood and relationships were the complete opposite of what Carrie White experienced. Moretz considers herself genuinely happy most of the time. The Kickass star however related to her character being told she couldn’t be something she wanted to be. As an actor, Moretz has faced similar types of scrutiny in her career. She said-

“In my childhood—which I’m still in—I had been told ‘No.’ I’ve been told, ‘You’re never gonna be that actress who’s at the Oscars. You’re never gonna be the one; you’re never gonna be Meryl Streep.’ That’s what I was told a thousand times.”

She continues-

“And then I grew up and I’ve chosen characters where I’ve proven myself, and I’ve looked at those same people and said, ‘Well, look. You told me I’d never be that actor, and now I’m succeeding at it.’ I’m actually reaching farther and beyond anything I’ve done before.”

Source: Fangoria

‘It was terrifying”- Chloe Grace Moretz Shares Her Experience Filming $84.8 Million Movie