‘Jamie Foxx’ and Girlfriend ‘Alyce Huckstepp’ Spotted ‘Cozying’ on Vegas Set of His Commercial For BetMGM

Jamie Foxx, the multifaceted talent known for his charisma both on and off the screen, recently graced the set of his new BetMGM commercial. But what truly made headlines wasn’t just his presence or the shoot, but the company he kept that day.

Foxx’s Private Life Comes to Light

Joined by his girlfriend, Alyce Huckstepp, Foxx’s day on set seemed like a heartwarming tale of camaraderie and openness. Kristen Radford Thom, an actor present on set, candidly described their rapport, “They seemed cozy.”

It’s common for top-tier stars like Foxx to be accompanied by an entourage. However, Thom noted that wasn’t the case with Foxx. “[Foxx] had people around but they weren’t surrounding him or keeping him away from the rest of the set and crew and actors,” she elaborated.

In a photo taken by Dave Benett at Floyd Mayweather’s birthday bash at Restaurant Ours on February 23, 2023, Foxx is seen radiating confidence and style, a persona quite familiar to his fans.

A Star that Shines On and Off Camera

Thom’s personal experience working with Foxx resonates the sentiment most of his co-workers share, lauding him as “incredible to work with.” She recalls, “[Foxx] came over to our table (we were sitting right behind him while he played piano) and just opened up to us. As private as he is, he was pretty open to our table about his situation without telling us exactly what happened.”

It’s this blend of humor, humility, and humanity that makes Jamie Foxx a magnetic figure. Thom couldn’t help but gush over Foxx’s spontaneity, highlighting his knack for improvisation, which is, as she said, “unmatched.”

Perhaps what stood out the most during this shoot wasn’t just Foxx’s comedic timing or acting prowess, but his genuine interaction with everyone present. Thom reminisced, “The entire set was laughing at his jokes. He is talented in the most natural way.”

A Comeback to Remember

Jamie Foxx’s appearance for the BetMGM commercial shoot in Las Vegas was noteworthy for more than one reason. It marked one of his initial public outings post his hospitalization earlier in the year. Indicative of his resilience, Foxx mentioned in an Instagram post later in August, expressing gratitude and relief, noting he’s “finally startin to feel like myself” again.

In the world of showbiz where facades are many, Foxx’s transparency, both personally and professionally, serves as a refreshing change. His journey, dotted with challenges and comebacks, continues to inspire and entertain in equal measure.

Source: People